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2 adults - 3 children. Hotel in Paris - any suggestions.....

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pagwatch Mon 01-Oct-07 13:44:36

My DH is 40 this year and we were trying to get away together for a brewak but childcare is very tricky for several reasons.
DH had floated the idea of taking kids to Paris. They are 14, 10 and 5 and could share a room but must be connected to/ next to ours.
We would like to go somewhere nice and budget isn't too big a worry as it is a special occasion.
Anyone know of anywhere nice where they will make sure we are all together?

KTeePee Mon 01-Oct-07 13:51:21

If you go on one of the internet hotel search sites (sorry don't know any apart from put in 2 adults and 3 children and ONE room in your search criteria - it will bring up any mini-suites, etc that have two interconnecting bedrooms. A friend went with her 3 kids recently - will try to remember which one she stayed in....

KTeePee Mon 01-Oct-07 14:00:40

I think it might have been the Meridien Etoile....

pagwatch Mon 01-Oct-07 14:31:27

Top tip - thanks ! I'll try that.

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