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When (if they do) will Easyjet cancel?

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Keepyourginup Mon 27-Jul-20 00:27:12

Meant to be flying to Spain on Sunday but obviously can not go now. No sign of flight cancellations by Easyjet and as it's now within 14 days of my flight, I'd have to pay a flight change fee on our flights (4 of us)....which is almost as much as the flights cost. If Easyjet do cancel (hopefully they will as means we get a refund), when will they do it??

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Ellmau Mon 27-Jul-20 08:31:15

They may not, if it means they have to refund you. They may say you could still go, and isolate afterwards - they don't care that's not practical for many people. They will only cancel if enough customers do (paying their fees) that it's not cost effective to run the flight for the remainder.

MorningManiacMusic Mon 27-Jul-20 09:49:29

I have had 3 easyJet flights cancelled recently. Waiting on the last one. I won't be travelling anyway.
As the new Spain advice only came in on Saturday and you've lost the free change option anyway, I'd wait and see what they do.
Wrt refunds- 12-18 months is what the website was saying last time I looked.

Cuckoochime Mon 27-Jul-20 09:52:50

Easyjet sent our refund from late May in just under 2 months. They were very late cancelling the flight though.

liaun Mon 27-Jul-20 09:53:06

But you CAN go, that's the frustrating part. Easyjet won't refund you if the flight is still running.

Keepyourginup Mon 27-Jul-20 10:47:01

I know. And this is why it is so wrong. We have travel insurance that does cover Covid - but only if we can't travel because of being Covid positive or become ill whilst travelling. But because FCO have advised against going, our travel insurance is invalid so I'm not going to risk travelling on a family's more other illnesses/car accident etc I'm worried about that getting Covid.. - but all insurance is invalid for everything now. If FCO are saying not to travel, they should be forcing airlines to allow travellers to ask for refunds even if flight it going ahead, or at least ensure the flight change fees are scrapped for the 14 say period. I know a lot of people are a lot worse off but I'd still not rather lose my money. It's all been so poorly handled.

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Keepyourginup Mon 27-Jul-20 10:48:01

How late is 'very late' in a few days or on the day of travel?

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lostinthoughts Wed 29-Jul-20 21:28:52

Nothing to say to offer any assistance other than I am in completely the same boat as you. Due to fly out to Tenerife on 4th aug. Flights still running and insurance won't cover if I go. Damned if we do, damned if we don't.

lostinthoughts Wed 29-Jul-20 21:29:49

Also, just to add that easyJet have scrapped their flight change fee therefore you could reschedule your flight to a different date and only pay any difference in fares.

RigaBalsam Thu 30-Jul-20 10:21:27

I am the same OP but Ryanair. I am going to lose £895 it's sickening. No sign of any cancellations at all.

rookiemere Thu 30-Jul-20 13:11:00

Easyjet now says you can change any Spain flights for no cost, even if it's within 14 days.
Ryanair are less helpful.

Freeekedout Thu 30-Jul-20 14:51:08

You're not alone. When did you book? Last September we booked a package to Majorca leaving next week with Lastminute. Tried to cancel but that would cost the same as paying for the whole holiday so we said we'd wait and hope that they'd cancel it. They won't. Flights (British Airways) are still going ahead and the hotel is still open.

We should (if I've read everything right) be covered by the Package Travel Regulations, which state that you are entitled to ask the booking agent (Last Minute for us) for a full refund if the FCO advises against travel to your destination.

I have requested a refund outlining these regulations and I'm waiting to see what they say. They've already told me they won't refund as the flights are still going, but that is rubbish. My contract is with Last Minute and the FCO have advised against travel. This is the basis I'm asking for a refund.

Don't cancel or they're not legally obliged to give you a penny back.

If holiday dates have already passed you can do a chargeback if you paid work debit cats or Section 75 if you paid on a credit card. PayPal seems to have been refunding customers so that's worth a try if you paid that way. Good luck. It's shit.

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