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Easyjet refund

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jitterbugintomybrain Wed 15-Jul-20 23:25:10

I have requested a refund for 3 flights booked on the same booking reference as one of the flights was cancelled. However the flights are still showing on my itinerary on the Easyjet app.

Does this mean that they haven't acknowledged the refund request? We were supposed to fly on 29th July.

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TippledPink Wed 15-Jul-20 23:28:01

To my knowledge they only refund cancelled flights- any uncancelled flights you can move for free 14 days or more before the flight is due to leave. I had to move my flights to Portugal as there is no air bridge, I did not have the option of a refund.

TippledPink Wed 15-Jul-20 23:28:53

When did you request a refund? Was it by telephone or by email/message?

jitterbugintomybrain Wed 15-Jul-20 23:51:08

I got an email saying the flight had been cancelled and then the link took me to request refund (eventually) and the only option was to put in the booking reference not the flight numbers so am assuming they would refund all 3 as we were off to Italy via Amsterdam and then direct flight back? It's hard to know when you can't call unless you wait in the queue for hours.

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HGC2 Thu 16-Jul-20 00:45:43

I’ve done that for my flights which were cancelled. They stayed on my trips until after the date of the last flight. Still waiting on refund though and it’s been over a month, they did say not to contact them till it was90 days from refund request

jitterbugintomybrain Thu 16-Jul-20 07:53:04

Ah ok so yours stayed on your itinerary too HGC? I thought once I'd requested a refund that it would show that on the itinerary. It's a bit of a mess isn't it.

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GreenTulips Thu 16-Jul-20 07:56:38

I think they process them manually to confirm rather than in a block

You’ll have to wait they’ll be busy

HGC2 Thu 16-Jul-20 09:22:39

Yes @jitterbugintomybrain it was odd as it showed disrupted flights on my booking but only when I looked into my trips online it said cancelled flights. Was due to fly home last week and they vanished after the flight should have gone!

jitterbugintomybrain Thu 16-Jul-20 10:18:49

Ok thanks for replies. Looks
like I'll just have to wait and see then. Just weird that you get no confirmation of the refund request.

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jitterbugintomybrain Thu 16-Jul-20 10:20:22

So now they have cancelled 2 flights and the other one was delayed more than 5 hours so that at should entitle me to refunds on all 3 presumably.

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HGC2 Fri 17-Jul-20 23:21:58

@jitterbugintomybrain just to let you know my refund came through today, refund was requested 13 June so not as long a wait as I’d feared. Hope you get yours soon

jitterbugintomybrain Fri 17-Jul-20 23:54:21

Ah that's great HGC2, thanks for letting me know! Hope mine is as quick as yours.

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PubGrub123 Sat 18-Jul-20 12:09:51


EasyJet cancelled flights to Barcelona in June

Received a full refund this week

Very happy

jitterbugintomybrain Fri 24-Jul-20 08:37:13

That's good Pubgrub. I emailed the CEO and got a reply the next day saying they had refunded the whole booking and it would be in my bank in 7-10 days. Phew!

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