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Easyjet flights - what if I cancel...?

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sunseeker19 Fri 10-Jul-20 16:36:31

Does anyone know what the current deal is with Easyjet if I decide I don't want to go on the flights I booked for mid-Aug please (booked long before Covid if that makes a difference).
Are they offering any sort of refund or do I just lose the money...?

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LittleDonk Fri 10-Jul-20 16:57:46

You just lose the money if you choose to not go and the flight isn't cancelled. We're in a similar position.

sunseeker19 Fri 10-Jul-20 17:23:50

That doesn't sound great! What if Easyjet cancel just one of the legs of our journey (which they are already doing a lot for our destination). Does anyone know what happens then?

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rookiemere Fri 10-Jul-20 22:54:44

If they cancel one leg of the trip you should get a refund or voucher. You can move the dates and destination of Easyjet flights for free so that might be another option.

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