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Mairyhinge Fri 10-Jul-20 15:36:47

Hi I hope someone can help!! We are booked to go to Majorca in September and I've been advised to shield until August 30th. I'm at high risk if I get the virus.
Rang my gp and the receptionist said its my decision wether or not I go.
I'm cross because I need medical advice specific to me really, someone who knows my history to tell me to go/ not go.
I can't see the insurance paying out on me ' deciding not to risk it' ?!
I just don't know what to do or where to turn. I thought I'd be able to get a drs nite or something for the insurance ? 🤷‍♀️
Anyone been in similar position?

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Rebeccasmoonnecklace Fri 10-Jul-20 15:44:54

Could you speak to your insurance to see if you would definitely be covered if you were to contract Covid whilst away? They will hopefully be able to advise you what to do.

HappyHammy Fri 10-Jul-20 16:01:29

Youve been advised to sheild till the end of August and you want to fly in September. Wont you still be high risk with your condition. Like pp said call the insurance company and ask their advice. Are you going to cancel anyway but want a dr letter to claim the money back or delay.

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