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Ile de Re - Advice please

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inglis Thu 27-Sep-07 21:53:42

What's it like?

Where to stay? Would prefer a hotel - but we are a family of five (so would need interconnecting rooms) But happy to self-cater if lots of nice places nearby to eat. (Don't want to cook.)

Kids not so hot on their bikes - Planning on visiting in October.Will we have a good time and some nice weather?

hotpotmama Fri 28-Sep-07 22:02:07

We went there last year and stayed for 5 nights there then 5 nights on the mainland. It was lovely but 5 nights was definitely enough for us. Was lovely place, great beaches, but not lots for children to do. We rode bikes everywhere.

Found it very posh compared to mainland France.

DEE7479551 Sat 29-Sep-07 00:20:34

St Martin de Re is nice and there are some nice stylish B&B's but on the whole I think it's quite expensive. Not masses for children to do, but the aquarium in La Rochelle is excellent. Weather could be a bit rubbish in October, hard to predict.

LG Sun 30-Sep-07 18:50:35

we visited il de re this summer and enjoyed it. Brilliant if you like cycling and seafood. Very chic but laid back. St Martin and La Flotte are lovely. There is a website called which has some good self catering apartments villas on the island.

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