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Ryanair COVID payment delays

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jack44 Tue 07-Jul-20 22:12:04

Has anyone else not been able to get a refund from ryanair yet? I've opened a case here to hopefully make some more progress. (Free service - you can join the case if you are in the same situation). smile

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jack44 Tue 07-Jul-20 22:14:05

Link here:

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Madcatwoman68 Sat 11-Jul-20 04:28:48

No refund yet. Been waiting since March.

TazSyd Sat 11-Jul-20 04:30:35

Same here. They owe us about £500 for 6 flights.

TazSyd Sat 11-Jul-20 04:31:28

They’re shooting themselves in the foot. We aren’t booking any more flights with them, until we get our money back for the cancelled ones.

Privatematter Sat 11-Jul-20 04:34:37

I booked in March for flight in April. Got the refund a couple of days ago.

LadyB49 Sat 11-Jul-20 04:41:10

We had a holiday booked for end May with a travel company which included flights with Ryan Air. This week we received our full refund including the cost of the Ryan Air flights.
The advantage of booking a holiday with a travel company as our contract was with them.

From what I see on tv Simon Calder etc the RA flights will eventually be refunded but a shame you've to wait so long.

floppybit Sat 11-Jul-20 18:33:48

I had flights booked for early April, they were refunded yesterday

CodenameVillanelle Sat 11-Jul-20 18:35:08


They’re shooting themselves in the foot. We aren’t booking any more flights with them, until we get our money back for the cancelled ones.

Not that I agree with their actions but you can just use the credit to book new flights if You need to book! Seems a bit silly to insist on a refund before booking again.

TazSyd Sat 11-Jul-20 22:37:42


Seems a bit silly to book flights we don’t need!

Or are you suggesting we just fly somewhere and immediately fly back again, just for the sake of it. That would be really silly!

CodenameVillanelle Sun 12-Jul-20 06:35:08

No of course not - but when you said you won't book with them again until you get your money back it implied that you had some intention to book with them again.

StillThatBitch Sun 12-Jul-20 06:45:54

Still waiting for a refund too, our trip was meant to be early July and Ryanair cancelled it in April. Their website has now been updated saying they've cleared April and May refunds (I think). The site used to just take you to a chatbot queue that never chatted, so I'm hopeful ours will be on the way soon. There's a section which says 'if you don't accept the voucher you will remain the refund queue.' Our insurance doesn't cover this, and our credit card won't let us do a chargeback so we just have to rely on them doing the right thing.

loadypoady Sun 12-Jul-20 06:52:51

I’ve been waiting since March for two refunds and went onto live chat on Thursday to ask why I was still waiting when Michael O’Leary had said in the media all refunds for March had now been processed.
The agent said he would escalate this as yes he had said that and to try them again in 48 hours. That made me hopeful there was progress then lo and behold within 48 hours I had emails offering me vouchers to be used within 12 months or apply for a refund. I know from social media people have been receiving these since March and I’ve never been offered them.
I do have other flights booked with them for September but following those will check Easyjet and Jet2 and be willing to pay the extra for the better customer service.

CodenameVillanelle Sun 12-Jul-20 07:23:40

Michael O'Leary is lying. They might have got through up to May offering vouchers to everyone but they definitely haven't completed refunds.

StillThatBitch Sun 12-Jul-20 08:12:32

Damn, there goes my hope! I don't know why I believed they'd cleared the refund queue, must be desperation. I applied for a refund already when they first cancelled, then got sent the voucher on email attachment. When I tried to click the 'request a refund' again in that email it just looped me back round to the non existent chat and I saw the bit about staying in the refund queue. I can't get through to speak to anyone every time I tried to confirm I was not accepting the voucher, and now have no idea what to do. Lying Ryanair bastards.

LaChatte Sun 12-Jul-20 08:56:41

It took 2 months from requesting a refund to being refunded for me (flight supposed to be at beginning of April). I was offered the vouchers first, but went on the chat bot thing and after several days of trying I finally got through to someone.

CodenameVillanelle Sun 12-Jul-20 09:01:41

I booked another ticket with most of my credit but I had one flight I'd booked for my ex and couldn't use that credit to fly for myself. Aviation rules apparently. I have no idea when I'll get it back - I've given up expecting it. Maybe it will go towards Christmas shopping hmm

NotPennysBoat Sun 12-Jul-20 09:14:16

I'm still waiting for a refund for flights in March. I'm pissed off that they're clearly not refunding in date order - some people have had may/June flights refunded already. I've contacted them three times and every single time the first response is "are you sure you don't want a voucher?" Followed by "you're in the refund queue, please be patient". No one seems able to answer why they're not refunding in date order, as they claim to be.

TazSyd Sun 12-Jul-20 09:16:30

I got a refund this morning from EasyJet, for a flight that was cancelled on 6th June.

Still waiting for Ryan Air to refund flights that were cancelled at the end of April.

So yes, Michael O’Leary is lying. I’ll try them on chat tomorrow.

Timepasses Sun 12-Jul-20 09:19:32

I should have flown in April and have just arranged a chargeback from my credit card. It took about 2 weeks. The money is now on my credit card and Ryanair have 45 days to dispute it.

CodenameVillanelle Sun 12-Jul-20 09:21:03

How did you get a chargeback? I was told I couldn't as the airlines weren't refusing to refund, just saying it would take a long time

NotPennysBoat Sun 12-Jul-20 09:23:27

Just a note on the credit card chargeback... I also initiated this with my credit card back in April and they refunded me immediately. I was smug.
However a month later they took the money back again because Ryanair had provided them with evidence that they had provided a fecking voucher - I DON'T WANT A VOUCHER!

Nordstrom Sun 12-Jul-20 09:30:27

I'm still waiting on my refund from a flight that should have been on 4th June

TazSyd Sun 12-Jul-20 09:31:55

As well as @jack44 claim, is it worth us all complaining to the CAA en mass?

Timepasses Sun 12-Jul-20 15:23:40

My credit card provider asked for evidence that I had been offered a refund and had declined the voucher. They also asked for the email which stated I could have a refund but they (Ryanair) couldn't say when it would be provided. Once I had sent the emails the arranged the chargeback. The 45 days will be over on 16th August. Fingers crossed.

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