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Anyone travelled from Heathrow in the last week or two (to Italy)

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MrsWonderland Sun 05-Jul-20 14:55:32

Has anyone travelled from Heathrow in the last few weeks? How busy was the airport? What additional procedures are there? Are they doing temperature checks outside/inside. Are there queues that are longer than normal?

Also anyone flown BA to Rome. How busy was the flight? We're you able to take hand luggage?

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MrsWonderland Sun 05-Jul-20 15:25:20


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Meredusoleil Sun 05-Jul-20 16:04:29

Interesting post OP. When re you due to fly? We are booked with BA from Hrw to Pisa for August and we're recently informed of a change of terminal for our return.

Will be following with interest as not travelled yet!

MrsWonderland Sun 05-Jul-20 16:53:42

Flying next Saturday into Rome.

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Meredusoleil Sun 05-Jul-20 17:44:55

Good luck OP! Come back and tell us all about it please.

MrsWonderland Sun 05-Jul-20 19:06:28

Thanks. Will try to remember

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CushionsandCandles Sun 05-Jul-20 20:30:08

I'm taking this very flight tomorrow! Will keep you posted but I got a good reassuring email from BA today.

MrsWonderland Sun 05-Jul-20 21:02:05

Oooh good to hear. Please do update us afterwards. I'd love to know how busy it is at Heathrow. Don't want to arrive too early but equally don't want to have to rush.

Have heard that Italy specifically requires temperature checks and no use of overhead bins onboard so lots of carry-on needs to be checked in but again anything you can tell us tomorrow would be enormously appreciated. Thanks so much

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MrsWonderland Sun 05-Jul-20 21:03:40

(And obviously very interested in how busy/full the flight was)

Safe travels. Hope it all goes smoothly.

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BG2015 Mon 06-Jul-20 06:35:42

Manchester Airport and encouraging travellers to book free security slots so that you can go through on your own.

There's also the option to,pay £5 for priority so not sure what the difference is.

BG2015 Mon 06-Jul-20 06:36:01


notimagain Mon 06-Jul-20 07:28:04

From what I've seen queuing etc at T5 is a bit unpredictable ATM.

Last week there was still very little open in the way of shops/food outlets, certainly airside - that might start improving slowly.

AFAIK there's no ban on hand baggage - standard rules still apply.

It might just be a bit busier this week so I'd also be very interested to hear CushionsandCandles update.

Meredusoleil Mon 06-Jul-20 07:32:09

Apparently its the Italian authorities that have banned hand luggage!

Sgtmajormummy Mon 06-Jul-20 07:45:54

I’ve just looked at the information from the Italian Flight Authority ENAC which is not applicable to BA.
Hand luggage can only be small enough to fit under the seat. Anything larger will be put in the hold. Overhead locker use does not allow social distancing as people jostle for room while they stow or remove luggage.

Travelers WILL ALL have temperature checks and fill out a form, preferably online, stating they are CV free. If they fail the temperature check or give CV risk answers they will (IMO) have to self isolate, download the app and go on the register of infected individuals.

Meredusoleil Mon 06-Jul-20 08:21:39

Why is it not applicable to BA? Surely it can be enforced from the Italian side at least?

Sgtmajormummy Mon 06-Jul-20 08:24:45

ENAC is the authority for Italian registered airlines, so Alitalia etc.
British Airways will follow British guidelines.

My last paragraph is for all travelers into Italy.

MrsWonderland Mon 06-Jul-20 09:22:58

Indeed. On the BA site it says that hand luggage needs to fit under the seat in front or will have to be checked in.

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notimagain Mon 06-Jul-20 10:30:22

On the BA site it says that hand luggage needs to fit under the seat in front or will have to be checked in.

Whereabouts? This is a cut and paste from the BA updated FAQs on their website:

Q: Can you use the overhead lockers to store your hand baggage/items?

A: Yes, however we ask you to remove any items that you may need during the flight to minimise your movement. We would ask you to stow your hand baggage underneath the seat in front of you, if you are able to.

In any event I know people who have travelled to non-Italian destinations in the last few days on BA short haul, with hand baggage, and AFAIK and they have been able to use the overhead lockers.

Meredusoleil Mon 06-Jul-20 10:58:23

It's just an Italian thing from what I have been reading.

MrsWonderland Mon 06-Jul-20 11:00:56

In the Coronavirus section there is a section specifically called"what are the new rules for customers travelling to Italy


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MrsWonderland Mon 06-Jul-20 11:02:18

This is on Manage My Booking on the BA site

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CushionsandCandles Mon 06-Jul-20 11:52:28

Heathrow to Rome this morning on BA.

All good, felt very safe.
Alcohol gel and cleaners everywhere within the airport
Security a breeze as spookily quiet
Only half the shops were open (Mulberry was so clearly all is good on the
Hand luggage on plane has to fit under seat
Several temperature checks both ends
Hand wipe and gel given to you on the plane
Crisps, biscuits and water in plastic bag during flight
Short walks both ends as given parking space close to terminal
All calm
Slightly more chaotic at Italian end- especially the car hire queue!

CushionsandCandles Mon 06-Jul-20 11:54:50

Oh and obviously a mask has to be work both on the terminal and on the flight!

notimagain Mon 06-Jul-20 12:20:14

In the Coronavirus section there is a section specifically called"what are the new rules for customers travelling to Italy

Ahh, thank you.

MrsWonderland Mon 06-Jul-20 12:23:01

Thank you SO much for coming back to update. Incredibly useful. Dreading car hire pick up 😬

How early were you at the airport?

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