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Tips for traveling solo with 8 month old on Eurostar and baby formula advice

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Diex Sun 05-Jul-20 09:47:17


Im planning on traveling to see my family at the end of July for 2 weeks in The Netherlands.
I am taking the train instead of flying as we feel they are taking better safety precautions.
However my partner isn't able to come along so I'm going by myself.
But I've never gone by train to NL before, only to Paris but that was a while ago and without a baby.
Has anyone got any tips on taking buggy and luggage etc?
Also he is on special formula so will need to take it with me but it comes in small tins. Any tips on how to take that more efficiently?

Many thanks in advance.

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NameChange30 Sun 05-Jul-20 09:54:24

I've done a lot of train travel with a baby, from U.K. to France (changing trains in London and Paris).

My top tip is to take a baby carrier (Ergobaby or similar), this makes it really easy to get on and off the train, walk along the carriage etc while carrying baby and still having your hands free.

You can also carry a small rucksack of essentials for the journey (for feeding and changing) plus a wheeled suitcase for other luggage (including formula tins). People will probably be kind and offer to lift your suitcase on and off the train for you - if not don't be shy about asking.

Travel as light as you can, if you're visiting family you could get them to buy nappies for you so you don't have to travel with them. Ditto if they could buy or borrow a pushchair and travel cot so you don't have to take them.

Will you need a car seat when you get there, will your family have one?

NewnameOldposter Sun 05-Jul-20 09:57:28

Does Eurostar still have the family carriages? We used it about ten years ago London to Brussels and it was fantastic. We didn't even need to collapse DCs buggy as it was just us and one other family.

I recall the carriage being quite wide.

I appreciate this may have changed drastically in the intervening years though.

SnuggyBuggy Sun 05-Jul-20 10:00:31

I second a carrier, then you can have a back pack and a pull along case. Also see if family can buy bulky stuff like nappies.

NameChange30 Sun 05-Jul-20 10:01:32

Nope no family carriages. Sounds lovely but no!

OP the website says you can sometimes pre-book assistance if you're travelling alone with a child under 4:

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