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Travel To The USA - Visit Partner

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londonusa Thu 18-Jun-20 07:35:55

Hi all,

I was just wondering if I could get your opinion. I live in London. My partner lives in the US (NYC). I haven't seen him since March. We usually see each other 2/3 times a month as we both travelled extensively for work. Obviously, work travel has diminished in the last few months. Would I able to travel to the USA to visit him - and/or vice versa? I don't deem it as 'essential travel', but I also don't want to not be able to see him for the rest of the year - or longer! What can I do?!

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AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 18-Jun-20 08:30:35

"Would I able to travel to the USA to visit him - and/or vice versa?"

If you are a UK citizen its an outright no to you be able to visit him in the US at present. UK, Eire and European citizens are still very much subjected to Mr Trump's US travel ban imposed in March.

londonusa Thu 18-Jun-20 09:41:22

Thanks guys. What do you think about vice versa?

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ShyTown Thu 18-Jun-20 23:02:41

Is your partner a US citizen or green card holder? If not then I don’t think they can leave the US unless it’s for good as they won’t be readmitted due to the travel ban. If they are, and can travel to the U.K., they’ll have to quarantine (if still required) when they arrive for 2 weeks. The flight will be unpleasant- expect to wear a mask, and be subject to lengthy screening on arrival back into the US.

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