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Thailand in August

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theinvisablewoman Mon 15-Jun-20 14:45:58

I'm sure lots of people will have this issue I just wondered how to manage it.
We have booked and paid for flights to Bangkok in August , as far as I can see this flight is still going ( although I realise this could change)
We booked via an online travel agent.
We booked internal flights to ko samoi directly with the airline.
We have also booked accommodation non refundable
Did all this back in Jan when the world was a different place.
We have annual travel insurance via our bank.
My DH now says no matter what happens he doesn't really want to go as he thinks it wouldn't be an enjoyable holiday being constantly worried that one of our group would become unwell.
I'm not sure where to begin untangling this or even if I can.
Maybe it's still too soon but I'm just trying to think how best to manage it.
It has cost a bomb if we don't end up going.
Any others in a similar position?

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Zodlebud Mon 15-Jun-20 18:47:59

So long as the FCO advice says to not travel then your insurance should cover it and you’ll get all your money back (assuming it covered COVID19 in the first place). They will ask you to try and recover the amount from the supplier in the first instance though - and if they won’t refund you then you’ll need that in writing to claim back.

If the FCO advice changes to permit travel and you decide to not go then your insurance wouldn’t pay out as this is seen as disinclination to travel. It’s just a waiting game. We have a trip to Asia planned departing 13th July which we know isn’t going to happen but we’re just waiting on the hotel to update their policy saying we can have a refund for stays up to 30th June. They have been rolling it forward by a month at a time. So frustrating though!!!!

GreyGardens88 Mon 15-Jun-20 18:50:07

I have flights booked to Thailand in September, our airline will allow us to change the dates to any date next so we will probably rebook to Feb or March x

GreyGardens88 Mon 15-Jun-20 18:50:21

*next year

User1123456 Mon 15-Jun-20 18:58:13

If you would like an up to date of the situation over there search “PR Thai government” on Facebook.

Millivachilly Mon 15-Jun-20 19:31:42

We had the same, but flights out in July have now been cancelled, the return ones in August haven't yet, but we are able to claim a refund from Thai airways. Internal flights with Bangkok airways - one was cancelled so we asked for a full refund for both flights which we are getting.

Most accommodation is asking us to have a credit note value for a year (we are hoping to go 2021 instead), where there is a penalty for cancelling I will try the travel insurance, but overall it doesn't look like we'll lose as much as I first thought.

elizabethcharlotte Mon 15-Jun-20 21:02:21

We have been quite lucky as Eva air (booked through Expedia) cancelled our flight home. They have then allowed us to cancel all of our four flights that we booked together and refunded us in full! Expedia then asked our Bangkok hotel for a refund and they refunded our money straight away.
We have now been told that our Ko Samui hotel will be closed for when we had booked so we are awaiting our refund for that.
We booked another accommodation independently and they are refunding 90% of what we paid but apparently it will take 4 to 5 months to process our refund!
We feel very lucky that Eva air cancelled just one of our flights and this started the refund process for us. Good luck!

theinvisablewoman Mon 15-Jun-20 21:41:31

Thankyou for all your replies and advice.
We will see how things go -such a shame for the countries relying on tourism as well

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