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When holidaying in bog-standard one bedroom holiday apartment...

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MsHighwater Fri 21-Sep-07 21:51:07

with one toddler, where is the sensible place for her to sleep now that she's out of a cot?

Last year was OK cos she was in a travel cot in the bedroom and we slept in the bed. Next year, though, she will not be in a cot so she has to either sleep in the bedroom or on one of the sofabeds in the living room.

If she does the latter, we'd have to camp out in the bedroom (prob with bottle of wine) until our bedtime. Or on the balcony and then creep past her. Either way, no TV!. Or should we sleep on the fold-out?

What have you done in this situation?

And it really p**ses me off that we have to pay an "under-occupancy supplement" on a one bedroom apartment!

FluffyMummy123 Fri 21-Sep-07 21:51:48

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Fri 21-Sep-07 21:52:06

Message withdrawn

gomez Fri 21-Sep-07 21:54:40

Child in bed with many pillows. Parents in lounge pissed to make sleeing on dodgy sofa bed bearable. Or my Sis swapped sofa bed and double bed around on more than one occasion - so parents still pissed in lounge with comfy bed.

Perhaps requires more than one sofa however to be a practical solution smile

SueW Fri 21-Sep-07 21:54:43

Take mattress off one of the sofabeds in the living room and make her a bed on the floor of the bedroom. Assuming it's one of those apartments where you have two wooden frame sofas/beds?

To get around under-occ supplements, don't use holiday companies. You can rent a private apartment much cheaply, I suspect, and get cheap flights if you book in plenty of time.

maisym Fri 21-Sep-07 22:01:03

she could sleep in the bedroom and you in the sitting room. This way you can use the appartment facilities while she is asleep. Having to camp out in the bedroom whilst she goes to sleep sounds stressful.

MsHighwater Fri 21-Sep-07 22:18:57

gomez and SueW, both excellent suggestions. I hadn't thought of taking the sofa cushions off (the getting pissed part, I was taking for granted with or without comfy bed ).

The trouble with private apartments, which would otherwise be our preference, is the lack of kids club. As our only lo, we tend to think that she could get a bit bored with only mum and dad for company and no time to spend with other kids at all. Of course, it gives us a little time off as well. Last year we only used the kids club 2 or 3 times in 2 weeks but she did seem to enjoy it.

FluffyMummy123 Fri 21-Sep-07 22:19:44

Message withdrawn

lilolilmanchester Fri 21-Sep-07 22:24:27

OR... put her to sleep in the bedroom so you have the run of the place. Then lift her onto the sofa bed when you want to go to bed, so you have the "run of the bedroom" so to speak. We've done that before now. Depends whether you can lift and move your DD without waking her, worked for us.

SueW Fri 21-Sep-07 22:26:22

You can rent privately and use kids' clubs e.g. this place in Portugal found by googling

private apartment with kids' club

LIZS Sat 22-Sep-07 08:06:52

The way to avoid under occupancy charges is to book direct with the hotel/complex - they normally have a flat rate per apartment, cheaper than tour operator's 2 adults, one child plus under occupancy even allowing for flight, transfer and rep "services". Isn't often ABTA/ATOL bonded though if you book separately. We have found the tv in the bedroom.

bluefox Sat 22-Sep-07 15:44:45

it really annoys me that we have to put up with sofa beds at all. If an apartment is supposed to be suitable for a certain number of occupants then there should be proper beds and bedrooms for all.

tiredemma Sat 22-Sep-07 15:48:16

We have been to an aparthotel in Cala d'or Majorca which had a bedroom door and a lounge door leading onto the balcony. So we could sit on the balcony with our drink and get into the bedroom without disturbing the kids.

SueW Sat 22-Sep-07 19:14:31

We went to one like that iirc in Cala D'Or too. Esmeralda Park.

No air con in our apartment though

saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 22-Sep-07 19:17:29

Shift sofabed or cushions from sofabed into bedroom?

Take a blowup airbed?

I agree that under-occupancy supplements are the devils work.

tiredemma Sun 23-Sep-07 09:37:14

SueW- we stayed in the 'sister' aparthotel ( the Sa Marina)- had air con though, very nice- we have ben there 5 x now and are going back next aug.

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