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Sicily in April

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BadKitten Sun 16-Sep-07 21:52:21

I'm thinking of going to Sicily in april on a limited budget. I've always wanted to see Mt Etna and would want to stay close by. Theres me, dh and dd. dd likes swimming but I'm not sure if april is warm enough?

I can't decide whether to
a) stay in a hotel - cheaper? Easier to find a pool.

b)self cater - have not tried this before. It would be nice not to have to eat out all the time but places with pools seem more expensive. Worried about quality.

Don't know if we should hire a car - we like walking and would like easy access to markets, beach (perhaps, not essential), Mt Etna.

Also should we do a package or book separately.

Any advice please? I don't know Italy at all.

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