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'Luxury' family hotels in Europe other than Von Essens?

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Sixofone Wed 12-Sep-07 22:03:49

Could anyone recommend any top-end family friendly hotels (pref with creche) in the UK or Europe? We know about the Von Essens, and have been to Calcot Manor, but are looking for (a) short break recommendations in the UK< and (b) we would like to go for our first overseas hol as a family back end of next month.

Any suggestions welcomed, thanks!

temmy99 Fri 14-Sep-07 13:50:42

Looking for the same, I noticed that someone mentioned the Kinderhotels in Austria a little while ago on this section and I have been to the site and it does sound pretty good but I am yet to check the reviews. i will be watching this thread with you.

puffling Fri 14-Sep-07 23:05:50

Try babygoes2:

LordVenger Fri 14-Sep-07 23:15:02

almyra in Cyprus is pretty perfect - they supply all the baby gear, airport's half an hour away with direct flights to UK, food from Nobu, best cocktails EVAH, on the beach, all Frette/Starck/Goldfrapp in the lobby. And creche is 8am-6pm

TheBlonde Sat 15-Sep-07 10:57:48

bumping as I am also interested in this

almyra gets a bit of a slating on tripadvisor

lapsedrunner Sun 16-Sep-07 13:00:36

If you are not worried about the weather I'd go for

I've been saving this one in Tuscany on my favourites and I vow to go one day

Or how about a Spa resort like this (sorry, I live in Austria so my fovourites list is a bit biased!). Or one of these could keep going....grin

lapsedrunner Sun 16-Sep-07 13:09:02

Or this (not been there)

Sixofone Mon 17-Sep-07 14:46:57

oooh, there's some lovely ideas there, thankyou ladies/ gents.

To add to the list, I was chatting to someone at baby group yesterday and they recommended the Sheraton Pinecliffs in the Algarve as being nice and particularly family friendly.

TheBlonde Mon 17-Sep-07 20:57:18

The pinecliffs looks lovely, kids club closes 31 Oct until xmas which is a shame

Tutter Mon 17-Sep-07 20:59:31

also in the alrgarve is the vila vita parc - we went earlier this year - pretty good

bedruthan steps in cornwall aslo pretty good

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