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Bad Holiday cottage in the UK - advice Please regarding complaint being fobbed off

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pixii Wed 12-Sep-07 09:56:12

Hi ,
not sure on how to go with this .
I booked a holiday with a well know cottage hire company.
Without going into great detail the cottage was diabolical and was infested too!
I wrote to the company when i returned also send photos and samples in of "infestation".
I to say the least had the worst weeks holiday ever !
The letter i have recieved back says "We are letting agents for property , your contract is not with us but with owner as stated in brochure" etc etc.
The cottage was not cheap and it was not as advertised .
I dont want to go in details but i cant believe the state of it !
This letter is basically fobbing me off and as an appology they have sent me £100 voucher off my next booking!
I would not book through this company ever nor recommend them.
What do i do.
I would like part or rather most of my money back.

Furzella Wed 12-Sep-07 10:35:54

How horrible for you.

It's probably worth contacting the owners directly, if that's what they are claiming in their contract, just so that you can show that you are complying with their procedures. What does it say in the brochure small print? Is there anything about a grievance procedure? Are they a member of ABTA? If so, you should be able to contact them for help:

If that doesn't get you anywhere, all the big saturday and sunday papers with a travel section have a letters page to help people resolve nasty travel problems. It might be worth writing a well worded letter to them asking for help. A friend of mine got a £150 refund from Ryanair after the woman at the Times (i think) got involved.

pixii Wed 12-Sep-07 14:12:50

Thanks.I cant find anything regarding ABTA.
They are a well known Cottages company.
The owner has replied to my complaint "And wasnt aware " apparently of any of it!- so they are basically fobbing me off.
The thing is im not the type to complain but it was the filthiest dirtiest place ive ever stayed in.Crockery all chipped and craked , stuff broken etc.
I did take photo's of it all though!

wordgirl Wed 12-Sep-07 14:23:17

You could try contacting the English Tourist Board (or whatever they call themselves these days) although to be honest they do sound a bit toothless.

stressteddy Wed 12-Sep-07 14:32:11

Threaten to go to trading standards. This works every time. Do it to the cottage and the travel agent
Poor you, just what you need when you have a holiday. sad

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