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Anyone booked to go to mainland Spain in August?

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carrottopper Mon 30-Mar-20 23:44:10

Do you think as things are at the moment you could still be going and will it resemble a little of the holiday you hoped?

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windmill26 Wed 08-Apr-20 11:44:49

We have booked for Barcelona (Mataro' area) for mid August. We are hoping that things will have calm down by then ...fingers crossed!

BeansOnToast4T Fri 17-Apr-20 20:30:22

we have booked a detached villa in the murcia region, our plan was a lazy holiday watching the Olympics on tv and lazing around the pool. I am not holding out much hope..........

Pombeary1 Fri 17-Apr-20 20:33:26

We have booked a week holiday in Barcelona from the end of July to Aug. Realistically can’t see us going
Unfortunately and doubt we will get any money back either 😥

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