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EasyJet - what now?

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Celeriacacaca Fri 27-Mar-20 15:36:22

We were due to go to Budapest over Easter but that's obvs not happening. I have tried to phone EasyJet but got cut off after 2 hours on hold confused and the flights are showing now as sold out on the website so I don't know if that means they are operating or they will cancel. When I log in it invites me to check in etc.

My son was due to go to Venice three weeks ago and they offered him a refund as they changed flight times.

Where do I stand please? I don't want to rebook as it was hard enough to schedule the four or us going together for Easter.

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Hersetta427 Sat 28-Mar-20 11:44:26

I was flying to Spain at Easter - I logged into my booking and it asked me if I wanted a refund or to change dates

LIZS Sat 28-Mar-20 11:50:19

Don't hold your breath! Our flight for tomorrow was cancelled on Thursday, only option online is to transfer or get a voucher. No phone number or online chat to discuss. There are 3 other threads full of people finding same.

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