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Tui cancelled flight how to get a refund without sitting on phone queue

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dreamingofsun Tue 24-Mar-20 16:44:01

Hi flight got cancelled. Basically I want a refund but i cant find an email address and dont want to spend hours waiting in a telephone queue to speak with TUI call centre. Any ideas?

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ArtisanBreadBin Tue 24-Mar-20 16:44:45

They'll be in touch with you surely

abitoflight Tue 24-Mar-20 16:49:49

My flight and hotel cancelled
They just emailed a few days later and refunded
No need to phone

dreamingofsun Wed 25-Mar-20 09:24:29

they did phone, but alas i was in a conference call so couldnt pick up. So they left a message on answer phone asking if we'd like the money back or to reschedule. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to reschedule under current circumstances.

was hoping someone might have an email address i could use.......

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Countmeout Thu 26-Mar-20 06:41:56

I used twitter to communicate with them but that was for a holiday leaving 16th March and they did reply , although money came through automatically. I imagine they’re even busier now. I have just messaged them again about a holiday leaving in May but am not holding my breath for a reply (I have to say I don’t normally have so many holidays- one was for my birthday)

dreamingofsun Thu 26-Mar-20 10:47:04

thanks countmeout - we've tried twitter. i know they must be having a nightmare but i'd quite like my money back. We are thinking we probably wont be able to take our other holiday either.....and thats in october.

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TinyMicrobe Wed 01-Apr-20 12:51:59

I am awaiting a refund from 13 March. Tui are not paying out refunds as they would go bust otherwise. They are not answering phones and are apparently furloughing staff off from today so I am expecting to lose my £1000 angry

Its the lack of communication that is maddening and on Facebook they are still telling everyone to continue paying their holidays.

Countmeout Wed 01-Apr-20 13:34:11

What happen in the end @dreamingofsun . Did your refund come through?

That’s awful@TinyMicrobe. Our May holiday is over £1700. I assume credit card will cover something.

Meetmeinfantasyland Wed 01-Apr-20 13:36:18

Amex were brilliant, they got our money back when love holidays said they were only issuing vouchers. BA gave refund once we finally got through the phone.

dreamingofsun Wed 01-Apr-20 14:08:05

tried twitter and got no response, cant get through on phone, so currently trying the complaints process. they are saying that i've given them the wrong information and that there was no flight.

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