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Which Cruise Line?

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Writersblock2 Sun 01-Mar-20 16:32:54

OH and I are tacking a Disney cruise onto our next WDW stay. We’ve never done one before but we are excited. We are also looking ahead to potential holidays to coincide with my 40th.

I’m quite tempted by a different cruise. But I have no idea which company would suit us. It will be just us. We are childfree. We love travel and food but we aren’t overly keen on dressing up. Our favourite holidays so far have been Florida and Rome.

Any ideas?

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edgewater Sun 01-Mar-20 18:51:25

We enjoy royal Caribbean. Good food, ships and ports. We aren’t for the formal nights so don’t bother dressing up and have a perfectly good time. I’d love to do Disney cruise but it’s so expensive!

Biancadelrioisback Sun 01-Mar-20 18:56:59

I worked on Royal Caribbean and P&O and I think the RC cruises were way better. Very fun

samlovesdilys Sun 01-Mar-20 18:59:25

We have cruised with P&O (was really good), Princess (not so great in comparison but still lovely) and Celebrity (best by far)...all with kids and family...

HeddaGarbled Sun 01-Mar-20 19:02:22

This is what you need:

raspberryjamlove Sun 01-Mar-20 19:04:21

Oh my gosh I'm so excited for you! Disney cruises are the best, you will have a great time. You will be spoilt doing Disney first (in my opinion!) grin Which Disney ship are you on? We have also done Royal Caribbean on the news we ships and that was great x

Funf Sun 01-Mar-20 20:00:01

Never done Disney but never heard any bad
We have Done 14 cruises
Celebrity Excellent
Holland America very good
Royal Carribean very good
Princess also very good
Cunard if only it was as good as they think they are
P&O ( Shocking floating Grubby Butlins, whole ship had blocked toilets and stank)

Leflic Sun 01-Mar-20 22:28:51

I’d avoid P&O. Not bad but not as good.
Celebrity and RC gone out best. See whose got the the best deal for the places you want to see.

MrsDrudge Sun 01-Mar-20 22:38:40

Azamara -elegant but informal, includes drinks & excursions, great food
Celebrity - fun, informal/formal as you like, decent food and entertainment
Cunard - more formal - captains cocktail parties, evening wear but great onboard orchestra and band
Princess - think they are better than they are, tended towards disorganised
Royal Caribbean- cheap and cheerful, great if you like towel animals
TUI -Marella -as above
P&O- Butlins on Sea with Union Jack waving sailaway parties
Norwegian/MSC - never been and will never use

Writersblock2 Fri 06-Mar-20 10:23:50

Thank you, all. This has been really helpful. RC seems to be popular here.

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Lippy1234 Fri 06-Mar-20 16:24:02

I love Disney cruises too, Celebrity are also very good. The food is of a high standard. Royal Caribbean is a good all rounder.
Disney is the best.

Writersblock2 Fri 06-Mar-20 19:55:44

@Lippy1234 thank you! I suspected as such re.Disney! Which places have you been to with them?

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Lippy1234 Fri 06-Mar-20 20:07:38

I’ve been on 11 cruises with 6 different cruise companies. A few different Med cruises, a Norway one, Baltics, Canaries, Adriatic, LA to Pacific side of Mexico and Florida to Caribbean.

halfsoaked Fri 06-Mar-20 20:20:17

* Norwegian/MSC - never been and will never use*

^ this.

Lippy1234 Fri 06-Mar-20 20:48:43

I enjoyed my cruise on NCL.

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