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French campsites for non driving family

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walkwalk Sun 23-Feb-20 19:47:19

Hey all

Myself and DH are planning to take DD (18 months) on holiday to a campsite probably in France at end of April. We don't drive and will want to rent a cabin/chalet whatever similar they have. Just looking for any specific recommendations which have:

Up to 2 hour flight from London
45 mins drive max from airport(will get cab)
Toddler friendly (small playground or something would be great)
Near beach
Bike hire
Within cycling distance of good shops so we can stock up on groceries
Decent clean accommodation
Ideally nature walks or wildlife to see nearby and a small town/market or a restaurant/cafe or two would be great!

Any tips welcome and thanks in advance if anything springs to mind!


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Ricekrispie22 Mon 24-Feb-20 05:49:52

La Chapelle in Roussillon and Le Beach Garden in the Languedoc.

ivykaty44 Mon 24-Feb-20 05:55:24

Anywhere in the Il De Rae, flights to La Rochelle and then cab to campsite

Over 100 miles of cycle tracks to get around the island, easy to hire and with child buggy

ivykaty44 Mon 24-Feb-20 05:56:10

Or you could get the Eurostar

walkwalk Tue 25-Feb-20 07:50:39

Lovely, thanks all! Will have a look smile

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CokeEnStock Sun 01-Mar-20 20:27:43

Sibiu La Carabasse has everything within walking distance and is 15 mins from Bezier airport. End of April is early to guarantee good weather though. Even the med will be too cold for swimming.

Grohnjant Sat 07-Mar-20 11:22:54

La Bois de Valmarie in Argeles sur mer is lovely . Flights to Perpignan 30 minutes away .
Local bus stops right outside the campsite to visit other places along the coast and also inland . Beautiful scenery. Shops , bars and restaurants walking distance . Not sure how much will be open at the end of April though and the weather can be unpredictable.

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