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Marrakech - what to wear?

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PlomBear Sat 22-Feb-20 21:21:16

DH and I are planning a break in Marrakech in autumn.

Perhaps I’m overthinking what to wear...maxi dresses with a scarf around my chest and shoulders. Calf length dresses, am I right in thinking that bare legs are a no no and are leggings okay?

I don’t have any trousers. I live in dresses!

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handbagsatdawn33 Sun 23-Feb-20 19:06:49

Just be modest - certainly cover shoulders, cleavage & knees.
I wore cropped trousers & t-shirts a lot of the time without being stared at.

SJaneS48 Wed 26-Feb-20 07:02:28

Obviously in your hotel you can wear whatever you want but outside as PP has said, just be modest. You don’t want to bake either. I just wore a mixture of thin loose trousers, cami tops and maxi dresses all with very very thin cardi’s to cover my chest and arms. Just don’t have a lot of flesh on show, nobody wants to be stared at for all the wrong reasons! There were Western women walking around in Marrakech who’d obviously not given it a second thought and they did stand out!

tzarine Fri 20-Mar-20 20:40:34

i always had a scarf.wore loose rayon trousers & long sleeve ts. i

there are always twats who have a total disregard to local customs.

bon voyage & eat a lot of these for me!

backinthebox Fri 20-Mar-20 20:43:08

Hazmat suit, face mask and goggles.

Being serious, I would not be planning any breaks anywhere atm. Even if it’s a twinkle in your eye (I have to book my leave a year in advance and have a week off at the end of August, so I know it’s tempting to dream,) I would not be buying anything. The world is currently a different place.

Rebellenny Fri 20-Mar-20 20:44:07

@backinthebox I agree, I actually thought this was a joke/sarcastic thread.

speakout Fri 20-Mar-20 20:49:33

I have a cool "modest" outfit to wear in such places.
Loose, full length linen trousers. and a t shirt with half sleeves.
Good for exploring, no need to consider dress length, keep a light scarf in your bag in case the sight of a womans head is offensive.

HouseElfy Fri 20-Mar-20 20:51:17

You are being very optimistic in thinking this will be over by then,sorry.

underneaththeash Fri 20-Mar-20 21:26:03

There's nothing wrong with planning a trip, we need to stay optimistic.

Outside the hotel, I wore a 3/4 length skirt and a sleeveless top. I bought a thin shawl out there from one of the street sellers.

Inside the hotel, I just wore normal resort clothes.

handbagsatdawn33 Sat 21-Mar-20 17:54:26

The post is a month old !!!

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