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Hotel requesting information

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MrsWembley Tue 18-Feb-20 22:10:23

Never booked a hotel outside Europe before. This one is requesting a copy of my credit card, front and back, and a copy of my passport? Is this standard?

I'm not paying by credit card, it's straight from my bank account, so do they need anything or should I just phone them and give them the numbers over the phone?

I know this is effectively the same thing as sending them a photo of my card, but it feels less easy for anyone to steal ID like that. It's coupled with the request for my passport that got my hackles up, really, but I don't know, this could be normal practice!


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delilahbucket Tue 18-Feb-20 22:14:33

Upon arrival they may request to see your ID, but I certainly wouldn't be sending all of that in advance. Email isn't secure, and that is before they even get it. I wouldn't be paying by bank transfer either.

Annebronte Tue 18-Feb-20 22:16:22

No: not normal and I wouldn’t agree to it. They might well need to see your passport on arrival and might want a credit card to cover bar bills/mini bar etc. All can be sorted at check in. What country?

wesdxc12 Tue 18-Feb-20 22:16:23

No way would I send them that. My DH had his identity stolen, it was a complete nightmare. It has made me very aware how much damage someone can do with info like that.

RippleEffects Tue 18-Feb-20 22:17:28

I've never been asked for this. Passport number and sometimes passport photocopy on arrival. Small, or sometimes slightly larger reserve charge on credit card on arrival also not unusual.

It would worry me that first of all is the method you'd be sending your documents completely secure, would they be stored in a completely secure manner etc. When you use your credit card somewhere they don't have record of all your card and account details, home address, passport number.

Rtmhwales Tue 18-Feb-20 22:19:24

What country is the hotel?
I've been to 76 countries and hundreds of hotels and never been asked for either before checking in, in person.

lifeisgoodmostofthetime Tue 18-Feb-20 22:21:27

No no no. They have your address so may use your credit card as they want front and back details. Why would they want the back where your security code is? Avoid

GrockleRock Tue 18-Feb-20 22:21:52

How have they asked? Via Email?

MrsWembley Tue 18-Feb-20 22:39:20

Thank-you, all! I did wonder and didn't want to ask DH, as if it wasn't normal then he'd go spare and it's been a bloody pain finding a hotel he liked the look of - I really don't want to go looking again!

I'll email them with some excuse about the passport and explain that I'm not paying by cc and see what they say.

Thanks again!

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Chemenger Wed 19-Feb-20 08:03:32

Where is the hotel? Can you not book it through or similar? Don’t send your credit card details by email.

shellyandlayla Wed 19-Feb-20 08:46:29

Here in France it is a legal requirement to keep names, addresses and passport numbers for none French guests, but it doesn't have to be a copy of the passport! I agree with advice not to send your credit card details. Would be interested to hear why they say they want it!

Babdoc Wed 19-Feb-20 08:50:43

Just tell them you don’t have a credit card. Not everyone has. Say that’s why you’re paying via your bank.
However, I’d be very suspicious about the whole set up. Are you sure this hotel actually exists and is not simply an online scam? Check it out on Tripadvisor and post a question to ask if previous guests had to give card details in advance.

woodencoffeetable Wed 19-Feb-20 08:58:42

scam scam scam
passport no, yes. possibly a copy at check in at hotel.

MrsWembley Wed 19-Feb-20 09:18:05

It's one of the top hotels in the area on Trip Advisor!

I've family nearby, I'll ask them to check it out.

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Chemenger Wed 19-Feb-20 09:31:12

Why don’t they have a secure online booking system that you can use? The hotel may be good, but how do you know it is them you are communicating with?

MrsWembley Wed 19-Feb-20 09:46:58

I've been emailing their reservations, asking about different rooms available, and just carried on with the request to book. They emailed an invoice and form to fill in with details. It's at the top of that form that it asks for copies.

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MrsWembley Wed 19-Feb-20 09:51:34

My sister has just pointed me in the direction of this...

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MrsWembley Wed 19-Feb-20 10:24:48

Apparently, in many countries it's normal, or at least so common that people don't think about it!

If I book via their website it'll be another £80!

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eurochick Wed 19-Feb-20 11:13:55

Is the hotel in the EU?

handbagsatdawn33 Wed 19-Feb-20 13:16:19

I don't know if it's relevant, but that article was written in 2014, & the spelling would indicate it's American.
I'm quite well-travelled, & have never been asked for that info prior to check-in.

Elouera Wed 19-Feb-20 13:24:28

I too have travelled a great deal outside of Europe and never been asked for this BEFORE the trip. On arrival, yes its common to photocopy the passports, but not ask for them beforehand! Do they take paypal? I'd use that over a direct bank transfer. If things go wrong, they have the money and you have no recourse at all!

Surely it rings alarm bells if booking through a legit booking site costs that much more? If you have relatives nearby, couldnt they put down a small deposit to secure the booking the difference in paid on your arrival? As others have said, which country is it in? Sounds dodgy to me.

Elouera Wed 19-Feb-20 13:26:07

Another thought, ask others that have spayed at this hotel on tripadvisor. In the Q&A section for the specific hotel, just put the query there. The hotel themselves may/may not reply, but others guests that have stayed there can also respond about the process they followed.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 19-Feb-20 13:35:40

I would not do this at all and this is not common practice even outside of Europe. Passport information is asked for in some countries when guests check into hotels; that is normal practice.

Sending such information also makes it far easier for criminals to commit identity fraud.

Thedeadwood Wed 19-Feb-20 13:57:04

Which country OP? And are they requesting you do it via bank transfer or are you wanting to do it that way?

KoalasandRabbit Wed 19-Feb-20 20:46:28

Never been asked for this and would not do it. This year one hotel wanted me to e-mail over all my credit card details and I pulled out due to that - never been asked for passport other than at some hotels when you are there. I wouldn't risk it and not sure your bank would cover you for fraud if you've given all the details.

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