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Travelling to Morocco with young children?

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Thejoysof2boys Mon 17-Feb-20 18:09:30

I am travelling to Morocco with two young children (2.5 and a baby 10 months). Reading the health and travel advice it has really put me off! It's short notice so we only have 7 days until we are scheduled to go so I have only managed to book Hep A jab for my 2 year old on Weds which will be 5 days before we go.

Worrying about making baby's formula, getting ill, poor sanitation etc and lateness of the jab... HELP!

I'm also not married to my partner and reading that hotels may ask you to prove marriage on check in otherwise separate rooms???? We are planning to stay in a 5* hotel and won't be leaving the hotel so I was hoping hygiene may be better. We will be travelling by taxi from Marrakesh airport to Agadir where we are staying.

Has anyone been with babies/toddlers?

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 17-Feb-20 19:53:40

in regards to the rooms, apparently this only applies if one of you is Moroccan, In which case, you would need to present valid ID cards for each person and a valid Moroccan marriage certificate.
I haven't been to morocco with my dc but I have been to other countries were I had very similar worries. this website has good advice on how to prepare formula whilst abroad. try not to worry about sanitation, especially if you are staying in a very upmarket hotel. just stick to bottled water rather than tap.

all the best x

Jobseeker19 Mon 17-Feb-20 19:59:04

Hi, I went Morocco with a 4 month old who I was breast feeding, a 4 year old and a 5 year old.
I had an amazing time.
Moroccans are friendly towards children.
My only worry was my children got diarrhoea so bring dioralite, also for yourself bring paracetamol because they only have the one that dissolves in water.
I'm hoping to go back in the summer again.

Thejoysof2boys Mon 17-Feb-20 20:03:20

@sleepismysuperpower1 oh really? I read online and it didn't say that just said you might be asked to prove marriage.

@Jobseeker19 did your children have vaccinations?

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Funf Mon 17-Feb-20 20:51:40

We took ours when they where about 3 and 5 and again recently.
personal hygiene is key never eat drink our touch your face etc with out washing, it will massively reduce the chance of a tummy bug and also Flu Corona etc.
Take meds so you are prepared, we always take stuff for the Trots pain killers etc.
Just sit back and enjoy its a lovely place

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