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How do I get the baby on the plane?

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Hollypop Mon 03-Sep-07 11:42:03

We are going on our first family holiday to Greece next week, and are taking buggaboo with carrycot (dd is 4mths). We are travelling from heathrow on Olympic airlines, can anyone tell me how far I can take the buggy - will I have to check it in with the luggage, or can we take it to the plane (this I doubt?) We have a sling she is happy in if I walk around, but I would like her to sleep before we board (ha ha), as the flight is at 10pm. Also, are we ok to take formula in bottles in hand luggage or is it better to take bottles with water and mix in formula on the plane?

themildmanneredjanitor Mon 03-Sep-07 11:43:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Baffy Mon 03-Sep-07 11:45:38

They usually let you take the pram all the way to the plane (they put label on it then take it off you just as you board)

But if she's happy in the sling why not check the pram in and then keep her awake and hope she'll sleep for the whole flight! (That's what I usually do anyway!)

As for the formula - you may not be able to take liquids through security still. I'm sure there is still a restriction. Last time I took ready made formula in little cartons for ds. They made me open and taste them all! Then I put one into the bottle for him to drink within the hour, and obviously the rest then had to be binned!

Take the formula measured out if possible? Then get the air hostess to give you the boiled water once you're on the plane?

flowerybeanbag Mon 03-Sep-07 11:51:03

We have just been on a plane with DS 3.5 mths. We took him in the buggy to the bottom of the steps of the plane, then DH collapsed it while I took DS on the plane. The buggy was waiting for us at the bottom of the steps when we got there.
Remember to go through security you will need to get your DD out of the buggy, collapse it to put through the scanner machine thing, then put it up again the other side.
We took little cartons of formula which were no problem. If you have bottles made up you will need to taste them.

As an interesting aside, nothing to do with your questions, in the hurry of packing we forgot to take the following out of DS changing bag -
Big pair of scissors
Milton hand gel
Other liquid sanitiser thingy
Small pair of scissors.

Shockingly, none of this was picked up. The bag was scanned, and then I was told it needed to be searched, in one of those random searches they do. Woman searched the bag, including with a probe thingy. She found DS infacol which DH had to taste. It was only when we got to our destination that we found all the other things in there that had been missed by the x-ray machine and by the security person physically searching the bag.
Good job I wasn't planning on making any bombs or stabbing any crew members eh? shock

SydneyB Mon 03-Sep-07 11:55:01

No problems at all with pre-prepared bottles of formula, you just have to taste them. Top tip: instead of actually drinking them just splash a few drops on to your hand or arm and lick them off!

Hollypop Mon 03-Sep-07 11:55:32

Brilliant - presumably if we take buggy to the gate there is less chance of it getting trashed by baggage handlers as well?!

flowerybeanbag Mon 03-Sep-07 11:58:32

Indeed, Hollypop, as it is put on at the last minute and then taken off first..

Other point to note, having been advised by Ryanair that the only piece of luggage they would take free for an infant was one collapsible buggy, we paid for 3 bits of luggage, to include DS's car seat.
We were then advised when checking in on our way back, that 'for future reference', Ryanair do take car seats free... angry

Isababel Mon 03-Sep-07 12:01:23

I would advise against checking the puschair in along the rest of the luggage. We have had so many occasions when a flight is delayed an having a place to keep baby comfy and a place to carry the bulky hand luggage around is a blessing.

Leave it at the door.

Regarding the formula... I really have no idea about how strict security checks are at the moment (they keep changing). As far as I'm aware, they will ask you to taste the drinks so, perhaps the option of mixing up the formula may be a better one at time.

DS has a lot of allergies and I have travelled with above litre of liquids for him however, in some places they become very suspicious if not plain nasty, even when we carry doctor's notes etc.
So, for the next one, I'm planning to get milk in powder, an empty thermos and a cup, buy a big bottle of water in the area past security and get some restaurant to fill the thermos with hot water. So I can mix to the right temperature when I need to. Obviously, that will only work if they are not re checing for liquids at the departure gate.

belgo Mon 03-Sep-07 12:05:14

even if you don't check in the buggy, and leave it at the door, we've found that you still don't get it back until you get back the rest of the baggage.

I definitely advice a sling.

WriggleJiggle Mon 03-Sep-07 12:09:55

On holiday this summer I had no problems with milk, water or food - I just had to taste it all. Certainly take powder if you can in preference.

Definately take your buggy right up to the plane rather than checking it in. Remember when you do your check in though thatyou have to tell them you've gt a buggy, then they stick a baggage label on it. If you don't have a baggage label on it the ground stff don't like it at all.

Remember to ask for a basinet when you check in or even email the airline and requet it now, it makes life a lot easier if you can put the little on in it once she is asleep. It also ensures you get the extra legroom seats.

WriggleJiggle Mon 03-Sep-07 12:16:36

Belgo's post just reminded me - flying into lots of places abroard we took the buggy to the door of the aircraft and it was at the door when we got off.

Flying into Gatwick it was useful to have the buggy until we got on the plane, but on arrival in Gatwick it went straight to baggage reclaim rather than waiting for us at the door.

BTW, the more noise baby makes at all the security checks, check in, boarding gates etc the better - we were ushered to the front of each queue or used the diplomatic channels everytime she howled. And of course I never once poked her or removed a favourite teddy just as we were approaching a big queue, oh no, I'd never do a naughty thing like that grin!

Hollypop Mon 03-Sep-07 12:19:01

Great - thank you all for you help - all I have to worry about now is how to get from the plane to the bus, to the port to the the - I'm sure a very much needed rest!! hmm grin

mawbroon Mon 03-Sep-07 12:20:57

Last time I flew, I got to take the buggy to the steps of the plane and then collect it from the outsize baggage belt at the other end. It was miles (literally) to walk from the plane to the baggage collection and I had to carry ds all the way. He was 17 months, not yet walking and weighed 27lbs, so a sling/backpack would have been a godsend.
However, I now have a backcarrier for ds and don't actually use the buggy any more which I find much easier, especially for situations such as this.

Not sure what the regs are now for liquids. DS is breastfed, so didn't have to worry, but they did make me drink his antihistamine syrup. It tasted quite nice. smile

belgo Mon 03-Sep-07 13:24:20

on my last flight (this morningwink) we were allwed two bottles of tap water for the girls but had to give in two cans of coke. A complete con to make us buy drinks at the airportangry

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