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Anyone been on a Gallipoli tour to British WW1 sites?

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MAFIL Fri 07-Feb-20 20:58:38

I've always wanted to visit Gallipoli to go to the grave of my great uncle. It somehow seems sad to me that no member of the family has ever been there, and visiting WW1 sites in Belgium recently has made me even more determined to get to Turkey. I am a bit wary of travelling to that part of the world now, but with the way things are going politically in Turkey at present I am wondering if it might become impossible to tour the battlefields in future, so decided to go for it this year or next.
However, looking into tours, the majority, for obvious reasons, are more focused on ANZAC sites and either miss the British memorials entirely or only visit one or two, not including the cemetery where my great uncle is buried. I guess it would still be interesting, but would kind of defeat the object if we didn't get to the grave.
I know it is a long shot, but I just wondered if anyone had ever been and found a way to visit the British sites safely? I know we could just hire a car and go ourselves but I think in the current climate I would feel much happier on guided tour.

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