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Grand American Adventures

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Ikeameatballs Thu 06-Feb-20 22:51:52

Anyone got any experience with this company?

I’m thinking of doing this holiday with my dc aged 14 and 10. It’s a bit of a blow the budget, once in a lifetime trip so I want it to be great!

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Ikeameatballs Fri 07-Feb-20 20:56:08


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Ilikewinter Fri 07-Feb-20 21:05:27

I cant comment on the company, I've never heard of them
The trip looks good but i think its very expensive, there are some quite basic hotels in there, you could put that together yourself for much much less.

Ikeameatballs Fri 07-Feb-20 21:31:05



I’m struggling with putting it all together for less, including the transport between locations, meals etc. Any ideas?

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Ilikewinter Fri 07-Feb-20 22:01:59

So im a bit of an anorak when it comes to researching and booking our holidays 🙈. I'd look at the hotels they are using and see how much they cost, dont forget you will be paying by the room, not by the number of people. Then cost in car hire and flights.

Trailfinders are really good at putting together independent itineraries so could try them if you have one close to you?

Of course with the group holiday everything has been planned so essentially you can put your feet up and relax..

I can see that they are atol/abta bonded and have good reviews so if you wanted the group, all planned option then go for it!!

RusholmeRuffian Sun 09-Feb-20 15:19:20

Rent a car and do it yourself for a lot less money. That way you also have a more flexible itinerary. Plan a route using google maps, look at flights on skyscannet and use or similar to find accommodation. Also look at to help find things to do in between destinations.

Ikeameatballs Sun 09-Feb-20 15:37:07

I’ve gone with a reduced itinerary organised by Trailfinders.

I think the dc and me will find it less stressful than an organised group, more time for us to be flexible, all in hotels. We’re really looking forward to it!

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