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Looking desperately for beautiful place to holiday!

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Seekingadviceagain2020 Thu 06-Feb-20 18:53:50

I have a 18month old. And am pregnant with my second and in my first trimester.
We have decided to treat ourselves to a 10day break in May before this next baby comes. And for some reason I am finding it very hard to find a place to go to! Please can I seek some advice from you all.

We have discounted:
- Anywhere with malaria or that would require my son to get lots of vaccinations.
- Anywhere more than a 6/7hr flight

We are looking for:
- something like an all-inclusive. But perhaps one that isn't too big.
It's not traditionally the type of holiday we would go for, but the ease, the idea of no shopping/cooking is so very appealing.
- We don't want to put our son into any kind of childcare and he is too small for water slides etc so it doesn't need to be specifically a family place. Our son is very chilled and quiet so i'd feel comfortable taking him to a more adult-like place as long as they allowed children.
- somewhere that has a sandy beach, where the sea would be warm enough in mid May.
- with a pool
- has restaurants on site and if we wanted to stay all day there we easily could.
- somewhere that is near a pretty town where we could go to eat etc.
- ideally somewhere beautiful with a relaxed family vibe and if possible somewhere that has some character. I don;t think i could handle a generic hotel concrete block.

We are thinking of somewhere in Sicily, Sardina, Majorca, Turkey, Greece or Croatia...

Has anyone been to something that ticks these boxes please??
I would love some recommendations.

Thanking anyone who read through that..

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yestonodressyet Thu 06-Feb-20 18:55:39

Sani resort in Greece? Depends on rough budget though

Seekingadviceagain2020 Thu 06-Feb-20 19:03:00

Thank you for that suggestion,
I meant to put budget.

We’d be looking to spend £150-200 a night for us all. Let’s say £2000/£2500 without flights.

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Maydayredalert Thu 06-Feb-20 19:04:35

Menorca is lovely. I really like cala galdana, it has a lovely wide sandy beach and very shallow water. Great for families.

Istillgetjealous Thu 06-Feb-20 19:06:52

Nice and Monaco. Absolutely stunning

Seekingadviceagain2020 Thu 06-Feb-20 19:07:40

Thank you both. Will look into both.

If you or anyone has specific hotel recommendations I’d be grateful!

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anonymouse Thu 06-Feb-20 19:11:49

We went to gran melia palacio de isora in tenerife when ds was 6 months. They have several pools, one of which is specially a shallow kiddy pool. They also had the facilities to hire buggy, toys etc so we didn't have to bring loads of stuff. Beach is not particularly sandy though.
Beautiful place.

BirdieFriendBadge Thu 06-Feb-20 19:17:41

The north of Tenerife has some very nice AI resorts.

It's a far cry from the nightclubs and fry ups of the south of the island.

Also much greener up there too. ☺️

Maydayredalert Fri 07-Feb-20 08:35:29

@seekingadviceagain2020 I would recommend hotel cala galdana in cala galdana, menorca. Two pools, close to the beach. Clean and good food. Big, but not a giant resort.

TheresWaldo Fri 07-Feb-20 08:46:32 We went here in Sardinia when dd was a baby and had a 2 room studio with a kitchenette. You can also book full or half board in the hotel. We booked breakfast every day and then had adhoc meals in the restaurants there or walked the 5 mins into town. There are some beautiful beaches nearby.

Seekingadviceagain2020 Mon 10-Feb-20 15:19:34

Thank you @maydayredalert and @thereswaldo for those latest recommendations. i am checking them both out! Thanks again

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