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Holiday for 6 - ideas.

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TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 05-Feb-20 08:35:38

Hi, me again! Still no holiday booked.

We're a family of 6 (2 adults, 4 children ranging from 15-5)

Looking to go on holiday in August (I know, I know, the most expensive time!)

Usually we do Featherdown Farms but the last time was a bit of a distaster and tbh it's getting a little stale, now they're teens the older 2 are getting fed up of no electric after a day or 2.
I quite fancied going abroad, somewhere sunny but not too hot with a pool that I can let the kids burn off some energy (with supervision) but I don't want anywhere that I'm going to be shoulder to shoulder with lots of people and I don't fancy large hen/stag parties and 'nightlife' etc.

DH isn't bothered where we go, he just likes holiday! He enjoys camping and exploring and finding new and quirky things.

We'd like something a bit interesting, we're not kids clubs and sun lounger type people but aren't quite brave enough to backpack through Machu Pichu etc.

Can anyone recommend anything?

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lovelyupnorth Wed 05-Feb-20 09:12:31

We did a great two weeks in Sweden at the end of August. Good mixture of adventure and nature and was warmer than you think.

It cost us £1200 for four.

Flew STN-CPH hired a car and drove to Sweden. We had a cottage with a pool on Oland for two weeks. Lots of different things to do around nature and history with some adventure.

Staying in Copenhagen for two nights on the way back

The cost was for flights, car hire, accommodation both s/c and hotels.

Unless you drink a lot prices are similar to Uk.

lovelyupnorth Wed 05-Feb-20 09:13:09

Reason to go end of August is prices drop massively as end of the Swedish school holidays.

okiedokieme Wed 05-Feb-20 09:38:09

French campsite - the vendee/Brittany is great, plenty for the younger ones, there's usually a clubhouse/bar type place older ones can enjoy (mine discovered the liberal attitude to alcohol in France!) lots of explore elsewhere

Ricekrispie22 Wed 05-Feb-20 16:31:26

This is a fairly small campsite which actually has its own vineyard. Every night during the summer there are free guided tours. There’s a large pool with a couple of slides. At the top of the sites there’s a restaurant and also a pizzeria during the high season. As well as having it’s own vineyard, it’s got an Adventure Parc with high ropes. For cycling, you can’t get much better than the beautiful Green Path

We’ve also been to a stunning site called St Avit Loisirs. It’s very green and leafy and the restaurant is in a rustic, stone-built Périgordin building with a terrace which overlooks an outdoor pool complex. In total it has four pool complexes, including an indoor tropical-style swimming pool, a kids’ play pool and a lazy river and other outdoor activities such as tennis, crazy golf, trampolining and quad biking. It’s in a picture-postcard area and there are some lovely medieval towns to explore nearby.

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