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Taking small cartons of formula (200ml) hand luggage

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BrownSuga Sat 01-Sep-07 17:52:42

Has anyone flown recently and taken the premade cartons of formula onboard? did you have to open them up and taste them (as this would override the point of taking them for sterile convenience)

or is it just better to take powder and get mineral water after customs? do you have to take the powder in the original packaging, or can you transfer it into small containers?


SlightlyMadSCAREYthing Sat 01-Sep-07 18:00:48

Not sure about the cartons, but you shouldn't use mineral water/bottled water to make up formula.

wheresthehamster Sat 01-Sep-07 18:03:59

You beat me to it!
The salt content is too high in mineral water.

BrownSuga Sat 01-Sep-07 18:06:52

aah, ok then. so perhaps we make up at home into each bottle then do the taste test going.

btw, we're going to greece, always thought the water was dodgy over there to drink, so ok if boiled dodgy tap water, or would you do bottled water there?

BrownSuga Sat 01-Sep-07 18:07:05

i mean for the formula obv.

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