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New regulations and flying with a baby

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Melliepie Tue 28-Aug-07 16:22:11

I'm due to fly (alone) to Turkey in two weeks time with my seven month old daughter. I was told when booking ( the airline is XL) that they don't allow car seats on board, and she will have to be on my lap for the journey (four hours). Another problem is that under the tightened rules and regulations, I'm only allowed one bag on board for the two of us, and this has to be 50x40x20cm max. Has anyone else had problems like these when travelling? Any tips? I'm really worried about entertaining her etc for that length of time, and it doesn't sound like there's going to be much room in that bag for toys...

fifisworld Tue 28-Aug-07 16:27:09

I think if you are travelling with babies they tend to be a bit more relaxed about things like that.
When we travelled in june i had a bag for me and a bag for ds with all his bits in and it was fine.

WaynettaSlob Tue 28-Aug-07 16:29:02

If she's only 7 months then she won't need that many toys, just have whatever comforter she likes, and have boob (or bottle) at the ready to quieten her down. (and I don't know if I'm allowed to mention it but I used to dose my 2 with Calpol when they were that young just before we got on the plane)
Bring only what you need on the plane: nappies, wipes, snacks (if she's eating) - shove everything else in the hold.
Car seats ARE allowed, but it depends on the airline.

Melliepie Tue 28-Aug-07 17:15:57

Cheers- will have to pack carefully... just saw on the news that they were turning people away or making them leave bags behind if they weren't following rules to the letter. At least it's not a ten hour flight I suppose!

ruddynorah Tue 28-Aug-07 17:21:25

she will be amused by things like the seatbelts, the magazine, the sick bag etc etc. also with your meal you'll get plastic cup etc that she can play with. another good thing to take with you is a lunch box with bits of finger food in it, that'll distract her for a while. it'll be fine, easier than if she were nearer 2.

divorcee Tue 28-Aug-07 17:27:13

Car seats were only ever allowed if you had booked the baby their own seat though, weren't they?

Do they have a sky cot on the airline, somewhere where she can lay down for a bit or try and get bulkhead seats and let her lay there on the floor (although flight staff might say no, depends on who you get)

I think if you book her her own seat, you can take a car seat

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