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Hoghgyni Thu 02-Jan-20 22:21:05

Has anyone used a company called Interrailing Packages? My 18 y.o. DD is interested in booking with them because they use named hostels & they give the option of booking rooms rather than dorms. Any feedback appreciated.

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Nomad86 Sun 05-Jan-20 07:17:24

I haven't used them but to be honest, I'd look into booking it herself. Most hostels have single rooms and can be booked online, same with the trains. gives lots of information on booking. If it'll save her lots of money it would be worth it, though I appreciate f she's 18 she may prefer the peace of mind of booking with a tour company.

Hoghgyni Sun 05-Jan-20 16:10:00

She's very laid back about it, but I think as parents we want to have a little come back if necessary. There are 2 of them going, but it's hard stepping back & letting her travel independently for the first time when I know how scatty she is at home!

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Nomad86 Mon 06-Jan-20 18:50:17

If she does decide to do it independently my best advice would be,
Book everything in advance, so you know she always has accommodation and transport booked and you'll know her itinerary.
Ask her to check in on social media each day so you can see where she is.
Make sure she has copies of her passport, travel insurance and your phone number written down.

I think my parents were horrified when I did a similar trip on my own at that age, I think some of these would have helped them relax. I think part of the fun of interrailing is figuring it out on your own, though I'm sure I'll feel differently when my kids get to that point!

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