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Please recommend me a package tour destination in Spain!

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LilyPond2 Sat 28-Dec-19 19:32:44

What I'm looking for:
a destination that is a package tour destination from the UK, as I'd like a holiday that requires minimal planning;
somewhere quiet, don't want loud night life or lots of drunk people;
easy walking distance to a nice sandy beach;
two or three places of interest that we can visit without needing to hire a car. This could be via organised tour, local bus, locally organised boat trip or somewhere we can walk to.

A couple of years ago we went on holiday to Isla Canela very close to the Portuguese border and that worked well. We went on a day trip to Seville (coach trip organised by tour operator) and visited local Portuguese town using public transport. So what I would ideally like to find is "Isla Canela Mark 2"!

Suggestions welcome!

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Funf Sun 29-Dec-19 09:24:03

Cadiz.(Proper Spain)
Calla Millor Majorca

Notthebloodygym Sun 29-Dec-19 10:26:59

Inland Andalusia is nice. You could visit the Alhambra.

Hairydilemma Sun 29-Dec-19 10:34:39

Nerja is lovely - not Brits abroad, lovely beaches, spectacular caves, near to beautiful villages up in the hills and you can do the Alhambra.

If you’re inclined you can also go to Malaga, Gibraltar and even Morocco on day trips.

Effiedg Mon 30-Dec-19 03:46:08

Nerja. Seconded. Also Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca is lovely.

LilyPond2 Mon 30-Dec-19 15:25:06

Thank you for the recommendations. Particularly like the look of Nerja, but will also look into the others.

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DramaAlpaca Mon 30-Dec-19 15:28:02

I second Cadiz, it's lovely. Much less touristy than Nerja.

cazzyg Mon 30-Dec-19 16:30:18

Puerto Pollensa would meet your requirements. Decent beach, nice town with good restaurants and a decent local bus service. Nearby there’s the old town of Alcudia which is nice for a wander, Pollensa town where you can climb the Calvari steps for wonderful views, Formentor for more stunning views and you can also get the bus to Palma and Soller.

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