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Travel to Italy and pregnancy

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Alicia870 Thu 26-Dec-19 21:50:00

A really close family member is getting married in Italy in September next year and I really do not want to miss it. However It has also somewhat caused some delay to us trying to conceive our second child. Dd will be just 2 when we go to the wedding, but also really to have a second baby sooner rather than later. I wanted to avoid travel with a newborn so have tried not to get pregnant til now.
I also want to avoid travelling heavily pregnant. Perhaps looking at ttc in March ish next year, but has anyone else travelled abroad pregnant and with a toddler? Am I mad? I didn't have a great pregnant first time around and had a lot of pain so obviously really afraid this would happen again but also don't want to delay adding a new family member as not getting any younger and don't want them too far apart!

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Alicia870 Thu 26-Dec-19 21:51:19

It goes without saying that I'm aware I could try and also not have any success for a while- I've considered this but these thoughts are based on the scenario where we are lucky enough to fall pregnant after trying

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MinnieMountain Fri 27-Dec-19 18:05:50

Yes. I checked what the European health card covered and found a GP in the area who spoke English before we went.

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