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Duty free on outward flight with only hand luggage to get it home .....

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Nipperpog Sun 22-Dec-19 19:44:11

I’ve been a bit of a twat and treated myself to some Clinique moisturiser at duty free on my outward journey 🤦‍♀️
We’ve only got hand luggage to return but I have a sealed twin pack of 125ml moisturisers to get home from Spain .......
is it worth the risk of chancing it at airport security 🙈
I’ve also stupidly thrown the receipt away as any proof 😩
Any helpful suggestions 😬

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TooleyVanDooley Sun 22-Dec-19 19:45:55

Post it

Iamtooknackeredtorun Sun 22-Dec-19 19:47:34

Are you travelling alone?

Nipperpog Sun 22-Dec-19 19:48:01

Yes..... that could work 🙈

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Nipperpog Sun 22-Dec-19 19:48:32

No but we all have hand luggage only 😬

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JuniperBeer Sun 22-Dec-19 19:50:04

Definitely post it!

Lifeisdinky Sun 22-Dec-19 19:54:21

If flying EasyJet they have a Hands Free option on some routes. There is a cost but £6 I think or £15? for a group. You check your your hand luggage size bag in and can take a smaller bag on board for free.

Nipperpog Sun 22-Dec-19 20:02:22

Ooooohhh we are easy jet ..... I’ll have a look 😁

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TooMuch87 Sun 22-Dec-19 20:07:28

Can you not just decant them into some smaller bottles or am I missing something?

KittenVsXmastree Sun 22-Dec-19 20:19:17

Buy some hold luggage or post it or give someone a lovely present in Spain and buy more coming the other way.
You wont get it through security. Sorry.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 22-Dec-19 20:21:26

I would post the items back to the Uk via courier.

If you take these through security it will certainly be taken off you because it is over 100ml

QOD Sun 22-Dec-19 20:58:45

Unless you check the case in BEFORE going thru you have no hope.
My friend did worse last year, she and her dh bought a litre of decent vodka and one of brandy on the way out
Then merrily marched up to security on the way home and got it confiscated even though it was still in the sealed duty free bag 🤨🙄

MrsSoChristmas Sun 22-Dec-19 21:02:10

easyjet hands free x

Nipperpog Sun 22-Dec-19 21:51:17

Thank you all 😊
I’m going to attempt easyJet handsfree 😬🙈

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Nipperpog Tue 24-Dec-19 09:05:46

EasyJet handsfree 🙌🏻
Home safe and fully stocked 😂
Thank you again

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maddy68 Tue 24-Dec-19 09:20:19

Duty free purchases can be collected at the airport on the return journey , provided you ask them when you're buying it. Sounds like it's too late now so posting is the only option smile

noenergy Fri 27-Dec-19 09:34:34

Glad u got it home.

EasyJet handsfree is great.

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