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Sunsail Holidays

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SixInTheBed Thu 23-Aug-07 13:21:20

Hi DH would love to go on a Sunsail holiday (or something similar)next year and I have rashly agreed.Would really welcome any advice on which resort to choose as they all sound lovely in the brochure .DH has done a bit of sailing, the kids are eager to try and I get seasick in the bathtub.Safety,edible food and a few creature comforts are considerations.Any recommendations anyone?

ska Thu 23-Aug-07 13:25:00

i have done a sunsail holiday many years ago - it was when i was single and i did a singles/couple get to know each other 2 week holiday where we all learnt to sail one week and teh next week did the flotilla thing. It was beyond doubt the best holiday I have ever had (sorry dh!) and would do it gain in a flash if we could afford it. (we have 3 kids so it'd be too much for us). Do it - we were on lefkas.

Millarkie Thu 23-Aug-07 13:30:03

We prefer the Turkish resorts over Greece - all of them (and we have been to a few) are great. Turkish ones tend to have turkish chefs and the food is superb (we are veggie which may make a difference). The greek one we went to - Vounaki, had a UK chef and food was more UK style (not so great for a hot country in our opinon and less imaginative for veggies).
Vounaki is on a hillside so not great if you (like I was) are very pregnant. Javelin (which is being re-fitted at the moment and opens again for next season) was really lovely for relaxing/kids clubs - all on the level and has a little beach for the kids...but I found the sailing a bit tough as when we were their the prevailing wind pushed you away from the landing place - I spent all my time trying to get back to shore again but then I am not a great sailor.
We want to try the other Turkish one next (Name escapes me) - it's a very short transfer from the airport (15mins?)

SixInTheBed Sat 25-Aug-07 18:29:44

Thanks for your replies. Think we'll try Marverde as near airport and i can always seek refuge in Bodrum if I lose my nerve about sailing.

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