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Will DD's passport photo still be valid? It was taken when she was 6 months old and now she's 2.7.

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SpawnChorus Sat 18-Aug-07 08:56:14

Anyone know how strict 'they' are about photos being current? She was a chubby cheeked baldy baby, and is now a skinny minny with lots of hair. Not sure that a stranger would see the likeness. They surely can't expect us to apply for another passport though, can they?

allgonebellyup Sat 18-Aug-07 08:58:02

my dd's passport pic is of her at 4wks old, she is now 8yrs old, and yes it is fine to use!!! (weirdly enough, as obviously dd no longer looks like red faced screaming newborn!)

allgonebellyup Sat 18-Aug-07 08:59:15

though something is telling me you have to renew it after 5yrs for kids??
oh, i should do that now then..

you will be ok..

Marina Sat 18-Aug-07 08:59:24

The same passport is valid for five years regardless of ever-changing configurations of teeth and hair.
Ridiculous, really - ds went to France at four with a passport photo of a bald newborn being held up like a kitten. He looks like a mekon in a babygro.
But a money and sanity saver!

Marina Sat 18-Aug-07 08:59:53

You do need a new passport for dd allgonebellyup though!

Nbg Sat 18-Aug-07 09:02:07

Childrens passports have to be renewed after 5 years now so she will be fine.

Hulababy Sat 18-Aug-07 09:18:18

She's fine. Until recently DD's photo on her passport was her at 2 days old. She travelled on same passport until she turned 5 years old. Never had any problems travelling on it. Was ridiculous though as the picture could have been of any baby, of any gender!

Renew children's passport every 5 years.

SpawnChorus Sat 18-Aug-07 09:35:15

Fabulous - thank you all

twentypence Sat 18-Aug-07 09:52:52

Ds has just travelled on his passport with a photo taken at 4 weeks - he's 4 years old now. Apparently they look at the ears.

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