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Sandy Balls, Centerparcs, or somewhere else?

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car25 Thu 16-Aug-07 12:57:52

OK, we want a midweek break for us and our two and a half year old.

What are the good and bad points of Sandy Balls or anywhere else that you can recommend (we have been to Centerparcs). Don't want more than 3 hour drive of London, and would prefer self catering accommodation.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

scorpio1 Thu 16-Aug-07 12:58:28

have you been to Butlins? have a look at their website.

car25 Thu 16-Aug-07 15:22:29

Thanks for the suggestion.

The highlight of my child's holidays are feeding the squirrels and ducks, and collecting twigs, leaves and cones.

I'm not sure if Butlins would have this. I last went to Butlins in my childhood, around 30 years ago, but I suspect it has probably changed a bit since then!

katylou25 Thu 16-Aug-07 16:10:46

How about looking for a farm that has got self-catering cottages a lot of them have playgrounds etc and let the children "help" with the animals. I know of a couple in cornwall but am sure there must be others closer to you.

Mercy Thu 16-Aug-07 16:23:16

We've been to Sandyballs twice.

midweek during term-time is nice and quiet with mainly families with pre-school children

accommodation is fine

staff very helpful and friendly (we've had a few mini disasters and they were absolutely fantastic)

things to see and do nearby

busy at weekends

not much to do on site during term-time although probably enough for a toddler!)

cafe/pub not too good

expensive for what you get tbh

My dd was almost 3 when she first when and still has fond memories of the place! (she's 6 now). We'd like to go again but tbh it's cheaper for us to hire a cottage through a company.

fibernie Thu 16-Aug-07 16:26:21

We went to Sandy Balls in July (Ready tent) and it rained all week! Can't fault the site though - nice playground, soft play, pool (although didn't use it). The toilet blocks were immaculate.
There were lots of planned activities, but not really for a 2.5yr old, more for older kids. However, LOADS of things to do in the New Forest area with a littly - we had a fab day at Marwell Zoo, and there are lots of other wildlife type places around.
The renovations are finished at Sandy Balls too now, nice pedestrianised area with shop etc.

mikkii Sat 25-Aug-07 22:19:54

I went to Sandy Balls before the renovations and enjoyed it, but my son was only 3 months. Staff were great, one of the children in our party was ill and they sorted out a doctor etc. Plenty to do nearby.

Center parcs do discounts at certain times if you have pre-school children, but it's still expensive, but then, every where in UK is.

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