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Hand luggage on planes...... can we carry electrical items?

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bookwormtailmum Wed 15-Aug-07 17:44:09

I'm flying on Easyjet next week and am hoping to just take my overnight bag on the plane to escape the baggage reclaim scramble. I know the rules about liquids in hand luggage but can we carry things like kettles in our hand luggage? I really can't do without a cup of tea first thing in the mornings and German hotels aren't renowned for supplying tea makings!!

Ta muchly.

WanderingTrolley Wed 15-Aug-07 17:45:35

You want to take a kettle in your hand luggage?

bookwormtailmum Wed 15-Aug-07 17:49:32

A travel kettle .

mosschops30 Wed 15-Aug-07 17:49:49

I wouldnt imagine youd have much room for anything else after a kettle, do you know how big hand luggage is supposed to be?

I doubt you would, the flex could be used as a restraint you may laugh but we had dog leads confiscated at customs, we didnt even know they were in the buggy basket

bookwormtailmum Wed 15-Aug-07 17:53:23

Well you can carry laptops on board so presumably they've got leads and so forth on there? I didn't have those taken off me.

I'm just wondering as I've had stuff confiscated twice by security this year already (shampoo and sun cream I'd shoved in my hand bag packing in a rush) so I'd hate to make it a hat trick .

bookwormtailmum Wed 15-Aug-07 17:57:08

Just found a number for Customer Care on the website so I'll give that a try .

bookwormtailmum Wed 15-Aug-07 20:25:03

According to this line, the answers no. So it's either forego my morning tea or stick it in the hold . Damn.

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