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Flying and Cot Death???

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susanmt Wed 28-Aug-02 21:33:19

Tonigt I was speaking to a friend who has a 8 week old baby. We were due to be meeting up at a friends wedding in Italy in 6 weeks time, but she is now saying she doesn't think her and the baby will come (her dh will, just for the day) because her mother told her that if you fly with a young baby it increases the risk of cot death.
I had never heard of this - has anyone else? If so, could you give me a reference for it?
Thanks a lot.

SofiaAmes Wed 28-Aug-02 22:11:15

I would be very surprised, since they don't actually know what causes cot death. There are certainly risk factors like parental smoking and baby sleeping on the belly, but I have never seen flying listed as a risk factor. We went to jamaica with our ds when he was 2 mo. old and no one (scientist grandparents, us and uk doctors, hv etc.) seemed to think we were putting our son at risk....In fact they were more concerned at how WE were going to deal with a young baby while travelling (not really a problem when you're breastfeeding).

threeangels Wed 28-Aug-02 22:22:30

I did read something that there was a concern that some babies under 1 breathe lower levels of oxygen in the cabin of a plane. Scientist are saying to just take all the same precautions as you would on the ground for sids. They also say there is still further studying to conclude that there is a problem with a baby flying. Until then she shouldnt worry too much. As long as the baby is healthy then there is no need to be alarmed. I do understand her feelings though.

lou33 Wed 28-Aug-02 22:51:00

I gave birth to my second child by accident while away and the doctors gave her and me the all clear to fly home when she was 3 days old, saying that it was perfectly safe to do so. This was in 1997, so advice may have changed though.

SueDonim Thu 29-Aug-02 01:55:02

There was a flying/cot death concern a few years ago, but it has been discounted. You can read about it here although you might need to scroll down the page.

susanmt Thu 29-Aug-02 09:38:58

Thanks folks! I knew you would come up with the goods!

threeangels Thu 29-Aug-02 16:22:53

Hi All. For those of you who have not clicked on the site I clicked on the info that SueDonim refered to on this thread and there is a tribute link you can click on at the very bottom of the page. Its for alot of babies who died of sids. I thought it was the saddest thing especially looking at some of their beautiful pictures. It makes me feel even more blessed when I look at my own kids. So so sad.

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