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Footwear for Paris in February

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Land0r Mon 07-Oct-19 11:21:35

DD2, age 10, is going on a trip to Paris in February with the school. The info we have had says they will be doing a lot of walking.

I was wondering about waterproof walking shoes, maybe something like this:

It's likely to be cold and maybe also wet, so I think something waterproof is essential! Does anyone have any recommendations please? I was thinking shoes, but would boots be better? She's very petite, so I don't think anything heavy will work for her. Thank you.

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Patnotpending Tue 08-Oct-19 11:08:39

They look fine. Hope your DD2 has fun.

VolcanionSteamArtillery Tue 08-Oct-19 12:48:57

Yes they are good. I would pick the ankle boots over the shoes though because they keep more of the foot dry and offer more support. Both mine (with joint and fatigue issues) don't find them heavy. Boots like that are good

If they arent going anywhere muddy, the more fashion conscious may prefer Dr Martens or kickers kick-hi. You can spray either with waterproof spray and they are good to go. Dr Martens are by far and away the best but also the heaviest and probably most expensive. Although prior to her joint issues DD was fine with them and you can get the smaller sizes for a steal (both new and second hand).

Land0r Wed 09-Oct-19 09:17:25

Thank you Patnotpending, she's very excited!

Great, thank you VolcanionSteamArtillery. I don't think they'll be going anywhere muddy, just doing a lot of city walking.

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TheBeverleyBunch Wed 09-Oct-19 12:33:14

We've been to Paris a few times in February...and it was freezing! I'd definitely go for boots for the warmth! (And don't forget the gloves and scarf ;) )

Land0r Wed 09-Oct-19 13:48:59

TheBeverleyBunch Thank you. Do you think snow boots? For warmth rather than actual snow!

Something like this?

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VolcanionSteamArtillery Wed 09-Oct-19 18:10:25

No not those! They are quite heavy and overkill. More like these. Paris in Feb can very variable. When we've done DLP, we've been just in a warm hoody some years during the day. We've done -10°C too and its always nippy when the sun goes down.

Thermal socks over a pair of normal sock in the boots above are spot on. Got me through the snowy DLP visit. You can do that trick with Dr Ms too, kickers you need to size up if you are doubling socks.

Properly Windproof layers are generally better than super warm. YY to hat scarf and glove. Down packable jacket or fleece under a pack a mac means you can take stuff off and on depending on what you find when you get there.

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