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Anyone been to Cyprus?

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sherbert Sun 12-Aug-07 20:49:49

We are going next week, staying 1 week self catering in Protaras. Any advice, tips etc

smurfgirl Sun 12-Aug-07 20:52:15

Went to Ayia Napa in May. It was lovely, quite expensive, usual fairly bland touristy resorts, but pretty and lovely beaches.

mummyto2littleprincess Sun 12-Aug-07 20:54:43

my parents came back from there wednsday they said it was nice but too hot and like smurfgirl said things are not cheap beaches was nice too

jujuthejetmum Sun 12-Aug-07 21:14:53

lucky you! I love Protaras - do you know where you are staying? We've been 5 times. Agree with mummyto2 that it is a bit pricey in August. It will be very hot - lovely people, very good with children

sherbert Sun 12-Aug-07 21:38:40

the hotel is called Alva , thats all i know. It will be hot, but with the air con on, we can lovely seistas.- I hope.

jujuthejetmum Sun 12-Aug-07 21:44:08

Top tips would be -

Avoid beach at weekends as get overcrowded, local tourist's favourite beach too.

Drink water all day long to avoid getting dehydrated (you may do without even realising especially if drinking)

Buggy shade a must - I prefer a canopy and a buggy that lays flat for sleeps during evening meal

Take a boat trip - sound's corny but would recommend the Shirley Valentine boat trip - walk out towards Penera from the beach front - lovely couple English lady and Greek husband with a little dog called Keo great with the kids - my DS got to steer the boat and still talks about it 2 years later! Ok to take buggy on board

Enjoy a meal at Island Affair - but all the restaurants great and brilliant with the kids.

There's a little adventure park at the end of the main road where you can buy tokens which is open at night - used to be a good bribe

Water show is very good but we never been because my youngest was too little and always asleep when it started.

Break the flight up by having bits and bobs in a bag to do. Small slide and scribbler good (saves losing crayons under seats), magazine with freebie on the front, I even took a small pot of playdoh once and a few small cutters in a plastic bag. Save a surprise for the last part of the flight as it's 5 hours but goes quiet quickly after the meal. Hopefully they might sleep a bit or even better meet a friend nearby.

jujuthejetmum Sun 12-Aug-07 21:50:42

missed your post before I posted. My cousin has stayed at the Alva and said they were central and enjoyed it, I've heard good reports.
How old are your little ones? At least you can eat at any time (I've always found in Cyprus) if you happen to all fall asleep in the afternoon that's when it's best to be self catering and there's so much choice anyway. The food is the best and we're really spoilt if we go anywhere else now always comparing to Cyprus! If you to want a walk up to the little church on the hill call in a the animal world centre at Ayios Elios(we stayed there once)they do donkey rides and have some animals and chickens there.

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