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Travel at 28 weeks pregnant in November

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finland Sun 12-Aug-07 08:56:04

Does anyone have any suggestions on where is good place to go - I will be 26-28 weeks pregnant, planning to go for 2 weeks in late October / early november. This is my first so bit nervous. But want to go somewhere warm for November but also somewhere with good medical facilities especially antenatal just in case... Places with good weather I found are mainly Carribean but not sure how good medical facilities are there. Anyone any idea for there or anywhere else suitable??

mikkii Sat 25-Aug-07 22:30:41

When I was pregnant with DS I travelled to Lanzarote in April. Wasn't too hot, shorts in daytime. I have a colleague who goes to Tenerife for Christmas every year and says they sunbathe.

My husband is Spanish and says medical facilities fine, although haven't used them for ante natal.

Travelled to Malaga in January this year at 25 weeks, back at 27 without any problems, were sunbathing on the beach on 17th Jnuary.

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