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Schistosomiasis in Uganda

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Nets888 Sun 22-Sep-19 18:42:33

My DD did volunteering in Uganda back in mid July. When she came back her group was told to get it checked for schistosomiasis. So my DD went to the doctor and has her urine, stool and blood tested on Friday. I know this infection can be treated but how great is the risk?

She came into contact with possible contaminated water and she also fell into a river. The group leader said the risk is small due to fast flowing water. She drank from filterd water (she said they treated the water with chemical so how safe is this?). And she also showered, brushed teeth and washed clothes with the tap water.

She came home with a few small spots which at first I thought was mosquito bites but now realised could be a swimmer's itch rash.

Another worry is she brought home half a bottle of filtered water. I poured the water down the sink, what if the water splashed onto the nearby cutleries and we drank and ate from them? What are the chances of us catching the infection? Or am i being overly worried? I know this infection is not contagious but can we catch it from her washed clothes, water bottle, etc?

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underneaththeash Sun 29-Sep-19 20:42:38

Look at the advice on the NHS website. It should give you all the answers you need.

But she needs to be referred to tropical medicine if she does develop the symptoms.

Nets888 Mon 30-Sep-19 12:51:49

I've already checked the NHS website.

Just seeing if anyone lives in Uganda and maybe who travelled there experienced this.

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