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Lapland so expensive

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headlock Tue 10-Sep-19 07:02:32

Would love to take my kids to Lapland but it's around £4000 for just 3 days. Is it really worth it?

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madeyemoodysmum Tue 10-Sep-19 07:04:53

Try sourcing the flight and accommodation yourself or go out of peak session. We went for z£1600 for 3 nights. That was 6 years ago.
We stayed at Santa Claus holiday village.

madeyemoodysmum Tue 10-Sep-19 07:05:54

Or there is uk Lapland which has good reviews.

smemorata Tue 10-Sep-19 07:06:21

No. TBF I haven't been but I really don't think I could justify that price even if I had the money. I would rather go somewhere snowy but less commercialised.

Scienceforthewin Tue 10-Sep-19 07:21:15

commercialised isn't the word I'd use. I went with tui to Luosto, a national park. It was stunningly gorgeous, incredible how the snow sparkles like glitter and there was a lovely lake to walk around. We'd never done anything like it and it was totally worth it. Also the salmon was out of this world!

Sunflowers211 Tue 10-Sep-19 07:31:52

It's on my bucket list to see the Northern Lights, whilst taking my youngest to Lapland, until I seen the cost shock

madeyemoodysmum Tue 10-Sep-19 09:41:31

We went late nov and took kids out of school as maSsively cheaper and they were only little so only missed two days.

duvetsay Tue 10-Sep-19 09:45:58

It does not cost this much! I went a few years ago as a student with my DP.

Happy to private message you all my cost saving advice, but I don't want to say anything too identifying publicly!

headlock Tue 10-Sep-19 10:09:11

Please do @duvetsay !!!

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Sunflowers211 Wed 11-Sep-19 00:22:10

And me please @duvetsay !
I was hoping my lottery numbers come up tonight but sadly not!

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