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What to take on aeroplane to entertain 3 year old DD and 8 month old DD ?

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FoghornLeghorn Wed 08-Aug-07 13:17:00

Am writing a list of bits I need for hand luggage.
Already sorted the usual, nappies, wipes, breakfast for DD2, drinks etc.

Flying to Portugal - 2hrs 15 mins roughly so what will keep my lively 3 year old entertained ?

Sheherazadethegoat Wed 08-Aug-07 13:24:33

colouring books & crayone & books to read for 3year old and of course stickers in any form.

8month old boobs/bottle she will probably sleep.

Cammelia Wed 08-Aug-07 13:34:50

A Norland nanny

flatmouse Wed 08-Aug-07 13:37:43

Am assuming you know that you can't "take from home" drinks in your hand luggage - or do u mean milk - not sure the rules on that?

agree with colouring/dot to dot, stickets for 3 yr old.

We're going to Portugal too - tomorrow - yey!

FoghornLeghorn Wed 08-Aug-07 14:27:28

Yeah I meant milk for DD2 but will buy DD1 drinks airside.
Ok - will stock up on colouring/sticking etc

Not overly worried about DD2, DD1 is like a whirlwind though.

FoghornLeghorn Wed 08-Aug-07 14:27:47

Where about's Flatmouse ?

flatmouse Wed 08-Aug-07 14:29:19

flying to Faro, then staying in Tavira - what about you?

FoghornLeghorn Thu 09-Aug-07 08:44:38

Not heard of that. We are staying in Praia Da Luz in Algarve

samanthar Fri 10-Aug-07 10:42:51

stickers stickers AND STICKERS
we have done this when twins were 2,3,and 4
buy her a little blank pad and then sheets of shape stickers or whatever these are much less cumbersome than sticker books and she can be left to her devices rather than the constant where does this go etc etc
not sure about the baby

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