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waht can I get to keep DS1 (2.10) and DS2 (13mo) (as they will be when we go away) amused on a 3.5 hour flight?

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IntergalacticWalrus Wed 08-Aug-07 12:18:59

Have got DS1 some Thomas aquadraw mats because he can't used the pen to draw on the seats wall etc of the plane

Other than that, what can I take? Neither of them are still for long

Scootergrrrl Wed 08-Aug-07 13:14:43

One of those little magnetic drawing things, a but like etchasketch, from Woolies?

MrsPuddleduck Wed 08-Aug-07 13:29:06

For DS2 - I bought this electronic square toy from ELC which has triangular flaps which you lift up and put down with animals on. When you get to the bottom they have those touchy/feely things with different textures. My 16 month old spent a great deal of time on our flight just lifting and closing flaps - plus isn't too big

funnypeculiar Wed 08-Aug-07 13:38:33

lots & lots of small wrapped up bits of tat
Worked for our eight hour flights....

tracyk Wed 08-Aug-07 13:47:00

we got ds (3.5) some new magazines from the airport paper shop and he chose My Little Pony with a free pony on it. He spent 3 hours playing with it!
On the way back I had kept a rub off and reveal dinosaurs pad from Tescos. You were sposed to be able to then colour themin - but the paper was a bit too greasy.
Just buy new bits and pieces that will be new to them and they'll be fine. It's the way back that was our prob - as he was used to everything by then and nothing was a novelty.

littlelapin Wed 08-Aug-07 13:48:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

my2cherubs Wed 08-Aug-07 13:51:21

just about to embark on a 9.5hr flight on sunday with a 4 year old and 22 month old. the wrapped up tat idea is brilliant. i'll be spending the next couple of days doing that! good thread and great suggestion. thanks

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