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Hurghada with a baby?

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Grundoncalling Mon 02-Sep-19 09:31:59

We'd like a winter sun holiday when DD is 6 months old in January. I'd like the weather to be reliably warm, I suffer from depression and this gets worse in the winter between Nov-March. A week of sun helps break it up and gets me through the rest of the winter. Budget foesn't stretch to long haul or Cape Verde unfortunately, and Tenerife looks a bit hit and miss (happy to be told I'm wrong! We've never been)

We've been to Marsa Allam and felt very safe, but I'm unsure of the logistics of a weaning baby. I'm worried about her getting a stomach bug. Has anyone gone to Egypt with a baby? Would you? Or is this madness?

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Wiltshirelass2019 Mon 02-Sep-19 09:35:31

I wouldn’t go to Egypt full stop now sadly, I don’t believe it’s safe. I travelled about the country 15 years ago for a few months, it was fantastic but Hurghada was not very nice - however, may have changed since then...

Smellslikebiscuits Sun 15-Sep-19 20:13:19

We’ve been going since DC was three months.
Stay in a good hotel... I recommend the Jaz hotels. They will do everything they can to provide you with what you need, in terms of a constant supply of boiled bottled water for making up bottles. And will help heat up pouches or whatever else you choose to wean onto.

Grundoncalling Thu 26-Sep-19 13:17:03

Thanks both. @Smellslikebiscuits we stayed in a Jaz hotel before and neither of us got a stomach bug, which is what really worries me with DD

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Smellslikebiscuits Thu 26-Sep-19 15:05:39

TBH I’d stick to a Jaz hotel. The head chefs there are usually superb at cooking for your special requests and will prepare special weaning meals if you ask.
Feel free to pm if I can answer any specific Qs

FindaPenny Thu 26-Sep-19 15:15:19

Some political unrest is starting in egypt at the moment....protests at the current government. If you can I would wait a week or two and see if it continues before booking. They don't show it much on the news but if you look on the Internet it will tell you if it's an ongoing situation.

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