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What should one expect on a charter flight?

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AlpenCrazy Sun 01-Sep-19 19:07:01

I'm not sure if I should complain about a recent long haul charter flight we travelled on. In all my years I don't think I've ever flown long haul charter, so not sure if this is the norm and we should just accept it as so. Would appreciate input.

Tui flights to Cancun, as part of package for four costing over £7.5k.

Travelled both ways in economy section (c. 280 seats in this cabin vs 80 seats in Premium section at front). Our cabin had 4 loos between 280 people. Flight 10-11 hours.

Complimentary drinks served once during ten hour flight around an hour after take off. Main meal served around an hour later, with snack meal around two hours before landing.

We were very thirsty around halfway (5 hours) into flight and had drunk all water we'd bought airside, so DH asked stewardess for some tea. She thrust two cups filled with boiling hot water at him, plus a cup with milk sachets in, and he burnt his chest so badly from trying to manage to carry it all with no help I think he will probably have a burn mark there for years.

Service after the first meal was non existent with cabin crew seemingly on break for many hours with curtains drawn meaning it wasn't possible to cross the plane at all to walk around during the flight, which my doctors had asked me to do. Curtain drawn to the front for Premier and advised we weren't to cross it, and curtain drawn at rear of plane for staff break. Nowhere else to cross.

Is this ok from a health and safety perspective on a 10 hour flight?

I suspect none of this is unusual but it's really put me off travelling charter long haul.

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user1498572889 Sun 01-Sep-19 19:11:14

😂😂😂😂 yes

OrchidInTheSun Sun 01-Sep-19 19:13:55

Oh good grief. Have you been on a plane before?

NoBaggyPants Sun 01-Sep-19 19:15:02

Did he ask for assistance after the burns incident?

The rest is very much what you would expect on a charter flight. The cost is irrelevant, as long as you were seated in the cabin booked.

NoBaggyPants Sun 01-Sep-19 19:17:09

it wasn't possible to cross the plane at all to walk around during the flight, which my doctors had asked me to do.

The expectation is that you walk up and down, there are also exercises you can do at your seat. They don't like being crossing the cabin as it turns into a free for all (and a safety issue), and you definitely don't go into higher class cabins.

AlpenCrazy Sun 01-Sep-19 19:17:18

If you read the OP properly Orchid you'll see I've never been on a long haul charter before. I used to fly long haul regularly 20+ years ago, pre DC, but it was always scheduled.

I fly EasyJet etc every year but not long haul. Just genuinely trying to gauge if this is the norm. It seems from the two responses so far it is.

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NoBaggyPants Sun 01-Sep-19 19:17:46

* people, not being

TokyoSushi Sun 01-Sep-19 19:19:06

Yep, I'm afraid that sounds about right, apart from the burns, obvs

AlpenCrazy Sun 01-Sep-19 19:19:13

He knew it was painful but didn't realise he'd actually been burnt until we landed.

That's useful to know NoBaggyPants, makes sense I suppose.

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LoreleiRock Sun 01-Sep-19 19:19:44

Why couldn’t you just walk up and down? I am sure your doctor did not specify you had to do the length of the plane. So from a health and safety perspective you are quite insane.

SinglePringle Sun 01-Sep-19 19:20:24

Absolutely standard on a charter flight and the reason I will only fly scheduled if the flight is over 5 hours. If I do fly under 5 / charter, I always fly Business (if available) or Premium (unless the flight is UK based and under an 1.30. For that, I care not about the service).

Buyitinbamboo Sun 01-Sep-19 19:21:09

Yeah normal (although not fab service wise) apart from the chest burns, did he get first aid?

MyDcAreMarvel Sun 01-Sep-19 19:22:23

Why was it 10 hours and not 8?

AlpenCrazy Sun 01-Sep-19 19:24:28

Man this seems to have struck a nerve!!! It's not AIBU grin

It was 10 hours on the way out and was supposed to be 9 on the way back but dat on plane for an hour whilst AC fixed.

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AlpenCrazy Sun 01-Sep-19 19:25:28

I think I'll opt for scheduled next time.

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Turquoisetamborine Sun 01-Sep-19 19:27:36

That sounds shocking. Especially the burns!

NoBaggyPants Sun 01-Sep-19 19:30:26

You won't get any more on a scheduled service in economy, at least not on any of the UK based airlines.

chemenger Sun 01-Sep-19 19:31:10

Sounds normal for transatlantic, even for scheduled in economy. You’re not allowed to walk around other cabins, just the one you are sitting in. They don’t usually supply hot drinks other than after a meal but usually come round with water every now and then.

wtftodo Sun 01-Sep-19 19:31:36

I’ve flown virgin to cancun and virgin, BA, Singapore, Emirates etc long haul for work. Apart from the burns, what you describe is within the realms of normal - I’ve had better flights, but plenty that sound exactly like this, and I’ve never been on a charter flight.

StereophonicallyChallenged Sun 01-Sep-19 19:42:13

I flew tui long haul last year to Jamaica. Probably the worst flight I've ever been on.
I feel your pain OP but sadly charter flights are just grim I think.

OrchidInTheSun Sun 01-Sep-19 21:45:38

It's never flown long haul charter, only scheduled. Unless you're flying business, your experience is pretty much par for the course I'm afraid. It's cheap and crap

OrchidInTheSun Sun 01-Sep-19 21:46:00

I've, not it's.

washyourface Sun 01-Sep-19 21:51:05

Erm..... am I the only one on this thread that does r know the difference between scheduled and chartered??

I could google of course but am lazy

washyourface Sun 01-Sep-19 21:51:21

* doesn't. That was meant to say

Orchardgreen Sun 01-Sep-19 21:51:46

I can’t believe that your doctor actually specified that you walk a circuit of the plane, rather than just up and down.

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