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Commuting from Oxford to London - can anyone give me any advice?

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NotSoHotBot Wed 28-Aug-19 07:08:13

We now live in Zone 6 SW London and are looking to move next year to a small village near Oxford.

I will still need to commute to London for work. The most likely station I'll be using is Oxford Parkway. As the train comes into Marylebone, it's actually a more convenient station for me so the commute, door to door, only ends up being about 10 mins longer than my commute now.

But I can't tell how busy the train is from Oxford Parkway. I have googled and can't find any info. There aren't many trains an hour and it's likely I'll be getting the one around 725 (or the one before). I'm going to stay over and test the commute but wondered if anyone or anyone's dp did that commute and could let me know whether I'm likely to get a seat (if not it's pretty much a deal breaker!).

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NotSoHotBot Wed 28-Aug-19 13:08:22

Just bumping in case anyone knows!

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MrsMorse Wed 28-Aug-19 21:24:30

I can’t help with that specific starting station but I (and the hundreds more) happily commute from Bicester. Parkway goes through Bicester village station and its very doable. Not sure you’ll get a seat every morning but you should get one more than not. Don’t want to tempt fate but ChilternRail is pretty reliable to.

If you do a test run def pick a Monday or Tuesday as I think they are the really busy days. Think people wfh or part time more on wed to fri so trains a little quieter. Good luck!

NotSoHotBot Thu 29-Aug-19 02:37:29

Thanks @MrsMorse. I could actually use one of the Bicester stations. Good idea re the day I try it out - I forget how many people are lucky enough to work from home!

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