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Fear Of Flying Course

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katycb Mon 26-Aug-19 20:44:20

Anyone done one of the Easyjet Fear of Flying Courses and are they any good? I have always been a slightly nervous flier but have been a ton worse since I had the kids! I'm not so bad that I can't fly at all because I love holidays more that I hate flying but I am a nervous wreck at least 2 days before and generally rely on gin! If it is turbulant then I am to take away with nerves. I am also really concerned that my fear is going to rub off on to the kids (I think mine stems from my Mum) The thing that is putting me off the courses is that rationally, I know it is safe and I can do it... I just feel awful.. are they just for people who can't even get on a plane? Any feedback welcome.

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LeithWalk Mon 26-Aug-19 20:48:39

I haven't attended that course but have had hypno therapy - 3 sessions, which worked a treat!

Lisette1940 Mon 26-Aug-19 20:50:25

I used a book by BA Captain Steve Alright ' Flying with confidence'. Worked for me. Don't know about the flying courses, sorry but the book helped me to focus on my breathing. Once you get your breath under control and your body relaxes it's impossible to be fearful.

feelingsicknow Mon 26-Aug-19 20:54:01

I did the BA one at Heathrow a couple of years ago and it was brilliant. Has helped me SO much. My problem was/is that I am fascinated by flying and aircraft, but became obsessed with Air Crash Investigation docus (still am). I needed to get that knowledge into perspective. In the past I have needed Valium to get on a flight. Now I feel equipped to know what the noises and bumps are and feel better able to 'talk myself down' IYSWIM.

feelingsicknow Mon 26-Aug-19 20:55:18

And out course had LOTS of people (and kids) who needed physical help and support to get on the flight at the end and the staff were wonderful. Honestly, I couldn't recommend it enough x

katycb Mon 26-Aug-19 21:02:42

Thanks... Feeling sick now...thats what I do.. I get all obsessed about accidents etc and then get more and more scared.. I have tried books and hypnotherapy apps and whilst I think they have worked as in I cope slightly better if it is turbulant etc they don't take away the horrible feeling before hand... I might just book it...see if OH will give it to me as a Birthday pressie!

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LeithWalk Mon 26-Aug-19 21:19:01

I tried hypno therapy apps and lots of other things, nothing as effective as the hypno therapy sessions. I felt as if someone else was flying, I can't explain it.
Prior I'm so nervous, dont sleep, then on the flight don't eat, or move even, grip my partners hand till its blue, can't relax, gasp at every slight hint of turbulence or change of engine noise.
After hypno therapy before I flew bought sweets and a magazine for the flight ( even as I did so I knew that wasn't normal for me yet I bought them anyway). . I didn't notice take off, I ate my sweets, read my mag, fact my DP kept glancing across at me, I think he thought I'd been replaced by someone else too. It was bizarre!

Legomadx2 Mon 26-Aug-19 22:41:20

I did the BA course and it was good but didn't cure my fear of turbulence. I understand better that the plane is safe etc etc but I still panic at the slightest hint of turbulence.

I also take diazepam and drink wine both of which help a bit but nothing cures it.

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